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“There’s been no story; there’s been no build” – Former WWE personality blasts Bianca Belair and Asuka’s feud (Exclusive)

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May 25, 2023

Vince Russo didn’t hold back before criticizing WWE for booking a match between Bianca Belair and Asuka that lacked a compelling story and build.

The EST of WWE and The Empress of Tomorrow first collided at WrestleMania 39, where the latter failed to capture the RAW Women’s Championship. On the May 12th episode of SmackDown, Asuka interrupted Bianca Belair’s segment, where she was addressing her hometown fans of Knoxville.

The Japanese star soon splashed green mist on Belair’s face, solidifying her heel turn. A match between the two was soon announced for Night of Champions 2023. On Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Writing with Russo, Vince Russo stated that the promotion hadn’t presented Asuka as a legitimate threat to Belair’s title reign.

Russo added that there had been no compelling build to the match and that there was little chance of Bianca Belair losing her title in such an encounter.

“I don’t think they’ve done enough with Asuka to put the belt back on her. There’s been no story; there’s been no build; there’s been nothing. I can’t see Bianca (Belair) losing the belt in a non-story situation,” said Vince Russo. (1:33 – 1:49)

Check out the full video below:

WWE has big plans for Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 40

It’s no secret that Bianca Belair is a big match player who rarely disappoints when it comes to delivering when it matters the most. The EST of WWE has come on top during all of her last three WrestleMania matches, cementing her place as arguably the most accomplished female wrestler in Mania history.

WWE has another marquee match in store for her at next year’s WrestleMania 40, where she’s rumored to square off against Charlotte Flair. Having already defeated the likes of Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair, and Asuka at Mania, besting someone of Flair’s stature could make her the undisputed MVP of the women’s division.

Do you agree with Vince Russo’s assessment of Bianca Belair and Asuka’s feud? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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