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Rhea Ripley reacts to an edited photo of her wedding with Dominik Mysterio

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May 25, 2023

Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio’s on-screen partnership has often been the talk of the town within the WWE Universe.

Taking to social media, Twitter user @TheCovalentTV posted an edited photo of Ripley and Mysterio’s Judgment Day-themed wedding. In the image, Finn Balor is seen as the priest.

In reaction to this, Ripley tweeted out suggesting that Damian Priest should’ve been the priest, for obvious reasons. Balor, meanwhile, would be the ring bearer of the occasion.

“Fumbled…Damian Priest should be the Priest… Finn is the ring bearer,” wrote Ripley.


Dominik and Ripley have been an on-screen pairing since the former turned heel and betrayed his father, Rey Mysterio. After months of build-up, Dom finally joined The Judgment Day following Clash at the Castle.

Since then, both Dom and Ripley have mostly accompanied one another during their respective matches. The Eradicator has also played a significant role in distracting Mysterio’s opponents in the majority of his matches.

Dominik Mysterio recently spoke about his experience being part of The Judgment Day

Dominik Mysterio has been crucial for The Judgment Day. Similarly, the faction has also played a vital role in his career.

Speaking in an interview with 100.7 The Bay, the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion opened up about his experience as a member of the group. He said:

“I think it’s been really important for me to be able to go out and do my own thing, you know, like you kinda said, stepping out of the shadow of my Hall of Fame father, you know, Rey Mysterio. And I think that’s been really fun to just be a part of this Judgment Day crew with Rhea [Ripley], Finn [Balor], and Damian [Priest].”

He continued:

“I think they’ve really helped me get me comfortable in the ring and just, you know, more comfortable with myself and just going out there and having fun. Man, I think that’s what’s really helped me grow, just being able to go out there and have fun with those guys and it’s a blast. I’m super thankful for the opportunity. I’m thankful that they allowed me in The Judgment Day and hopefully, we continue to grow.”

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