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Roman Reigns finally betrayed: 5 Consequences of Jimmy Uso’s sudden attack at Night of Champions

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May 27, 2023

It finally happened – Roman Reigns got his head kicked off by a Uso

However, while many expected Jey Uso to finally be the one to do it, Jimmy stepped up and took over. What comes next after this shocking turn of events at Night of Champions? Let’s look at five possible consequences of this epic betrayal.

What will happen with Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso going forward? Leave your predictions in the comments below!

#5. Roman Reigns no-shows on his 1,000-day celebration

Roman Reigns’ face at the end of Night of Champions was one of sheer embarrassment. He finally lost a premium live event match because he drove his cousin to the point of betrayal.

This could lead to The Tribal Chief sitting out SmackDown next week, where he is supposed to celebrate hitting 1,000 days as Universal Champion. Paul Heyman can explain that Reigns refuses to show his face until Jimmy Uso issues a public apology.

#4. Jey Uso is viciously assaulted on WWE SmackDown

They feel each other's pain.
They feel each other’s pain.

Jimmy and Jey Uso are incredibly close, as most twins are. They can sometimes feel each other’s pain, with WWE showcasing that fact. It should happen again, with Roman Reigns trying to send a message to Jimmy Uso.

Jey can be laid out in a backstage setting, possibly bloodied up, with The Tribal Chief implied to be behind it. Reigns can also torcher him in the ring, while Jimmy is forced to watch. But what if Solo Sikoa is made to assault his real-life brother?

#3. Solo Sikoa ultimately leaves Roman Reigns

He must choose his brothers.
He must choose his brothers.

At some point, things could get too much even for The Enforcer.

Solo Sikoa has love for his brothers, which will be severely tested over the next few weeks. However, Jimmy Uso’s betrayal will have opened his eyes to Roman Reigns sooner or later.

Sikoa can finally stand up to The Tribal Chief after being ordered to do horrible things to his brothers. The ultimate destruction of The Bloodline would be satisfying to watch, but how about Reigns’ world title?

#2. Jimmy Uso main events Money in the Bank


This is the obvious next step. Jimmy Uso’s betrayal has opened the door for him to challenge Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank. He doesn’t need to win, but a great showing would do wonders as he branches out as a viable singles star.

Expect loads of callbacks to Jey Uso’s emotional series with The Tribal Chief from 2020 with the roles reversed, especially if he is subject to a backstage assault, as mentioned above. The passionate UK fans would also provide the perfect soundtrack for this chapter of The Bloodline’s evolving story.

#1. A monumental title change at SummerSlam?


However, the biggest twist may not have happened yet.

Jey Uso may have been upset at Jimmy’s actions at Night of Champions. But ultimately, that’s exactly what he should have done. And deep down, he knows it. After Money in the Bank, Jey should come to his senses and lay Roman Reigns out with a Superkick of his own.

This is his story, and Jimmy’s betrayal must be the catalyst for his breakout moment. And, going one step further, Jey Uso would be the perfect choice to dethrone The Tribal Chief. There’s no need for Reigns to keep the world title now that he’s already crossed 1,000 days.

Furthermore, it might be best for WWE to end Roman’s reign where it truly took off. Jimmy and Jey can then cement themselves as the ultimate heroes.

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