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Jey Uso’s reaction to The Bloodline crumbling could be a major hint for Roman Reigns’ next direction

ByRD Media

May 27, 2023

At Night of Champions, Jimmy Uso was finally unable to contain the anger he felt towards Roman Reigns, and after The Tribal Chief put his hands on him, he had to react with two superkicks.

Jey Uso’s reaction has since confused fans as he attempted to talk his brother out of what he was doing before being dragged out of the ring. Uso was seen on the ramp looking distraught as the show came to an end, but this could all be part of a much bigger storyline.

Jey Uso has been on the wrong side of Roman Reigns before, after all, it was his joining with Reigns that initially began The Bloodline. He went through hell, quite literally, and still was forced to acknowledge Reigns and fall in line.

At that time, Jimmy Uso was out injured and only returned at the end of the storyline, which means that he doesn’t actually know what he has coming for him.

Jey Uso has worked hard to keep The Bloodline and Roman Reigns on the same page

Jey Uso could have turned his back on his family months ago and sided with Samu Zayn, he had an out and a backup, but he chose to return because he knows the leverage that Reigns has outside of the company.

This is their real-life family, and he knows that his brother will now be in trouble for what he has done. Jimmy Uso can be hot-headed and make decisions without thinking, so it hasn’t hit him that he has now turned his back on his family.

It will be interesting to see if Jimmy and Roman Reigns are now sent down the same path that Jey Uso was once forced to walk.

Do you think this is the beginning of the end for The Bloodline? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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