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Jimmy Uso must be the one to finally dethrone Roman Reigns: Here’s Why

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May 27, 2023

WWE Night of Champions 2023 featured Roman Reigns being betrayed by Jimmy Uso during the main event of the show. The shocking moment generated a thunderous reaction, but a bigger shock would be in the works.

The Usos have been the two most important pillars of The Bloodline. They have been responsible for many of Roman Reigns’ major victories during the monumental 1000-day title reign. However, it looks like it’s finally time for the twins to go against their Tribal Chief.

While most fans would argue that Jey Uso is the ideal Bloodline member to possibly dethrone Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso could very well be a better choice. During the formative days of The Bloodline, Jimmy didn’t fully support Reigns and his corrupt ideology. He also wore a T-shirt that said ‘Nobody’s B**ch’ to signify his belief.

One theory is that Jimmy Uso only joined Roman Reigns so that he could stay with Jey Uso and protect his twin from being completely manipulated by The Head of The Table. At WWE Night of Champions 2023, Reigns treated The Usos with disrespect, which ultimately triggered Jimmy to attack his cousin.

While Jey might have been brainwashed by Roman Reigns, Jimmy isn’t under his cousin’s control. Over the years, he has stayed with the group and witnessed Reigns’ use of his cousins for his personal benefit. After finally reaching his breaking point at WWE Night of Champions 2023, Jimmy could be the only member of The Bloodline who could truly unleash a rebellion against The Tribal Chief.

Roman Reigns also assaulted an injured Jimmy Uso to win his ‘I Quit’ match with Jey Uso, so there are chances of Jimmy still harboring hate for his cousin regarding his unforgivable actions. The next chapter of storyline is set to take fans by storm.

After the events of WWE Night of Champions 2023, how could Jimmy Uso finally dethrone Roman Reigns?

WWE Night of Champions 2023 might have been the start of the end of The Tribal Chief. After what happened at the event, Jimmy Uso will have a lot of explaining to do.

His first motive will be to get Jey Uso by his side, which he can do by reminding his brother as to how their cousin has always used them, but hasn’t helped them in return on many occasions. He could go on to recall that Roman Reigns’ corrupt mind was the reason for Sami Zayn’s departure from The Bloodline.

Jimmy will also have to make sure that Solo Sikoa goes against The Head of The Table as well. He might not have to go through too much trouble for this one as the Solo has also seen everything that has happened with The Usos recently. Solo Sikoa’s eyes were filled with palpable tension when Reigns bumped into him after humiliating The Usos on a recent episode of SmackDown. It possibly means that he will take the twins’ side as well.

After successfully winning all the Bloodline members to his side, Jimmy Uso could finally challenge and dethrone the WWE Universal Champion very soon.

Do you think Jimmy could be the one to dethrone The Tribal Chief? Let us know in the comments section.

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