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2-time WWE champion, called “the future of wrestling,” is still NOT at the level to beat Roman Reigns, claims legend (Exclusive)

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May 28, 2023

With WWE Night of Champions in the books, Roman Reigns’ dominance could finally end soon. While many superstars can take him down, Bill Apter and Teddy Long agreed that Austin Theory is currently not at that level yet.

Austin Theory, a two-time United States Champion in WWE, has seen his big push somewhat cooled down since Triple H took over as the head of creative. A monumental WrestleMania win over John Cena hasn’t improved his standing on the roster, either.

To make matters worse, John Cena recently also admitted that Theory’s persona wasn’t believable enough for him to be a main eventer in WWE.

Bill Apter, Teddy Long, and Mac Davis spoke at length about Austin Theory on Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Time Machine, and the iconic journalist admitted that Austin Theory was a long way away from being on the same plane as Roman Reigns.

“I don’t see him at the spot (someone who can beat Roman Reigns), not at this point in his career,” said Bill Apter. [From 3:27 to 3:33]

Apter acknowledged that WWE has high hopes for Austin Theory, who has been labeled as a future megastar for the company.

While WWE might eventually find a diamond in Theory, the wrestling legend explained that just like how Roman Reigns needed a few years to get over with the fans, Austin Theory would also need to put in the time before he becomes a marquee player.

“They are calling him the future of wrestling,” Apter continued. “That may be true, but he still needs a lot more grooming to make him into the ‘superstar’ that they want him to be. It took Roman Reigns a hell of a long time, how many years, to where the fans just put up with him.” [From 5:24 to 5:45]

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long gives a critical piece of advice on how to get over

The former SmackDown General Manager concurred that it would take a lot of effort on WWE’s part for Austin Theory to be where Roman Reigns is currently in the pecking order.

Teddy Long stressed that creating a connection with the fans lies in a talent’s hands and not just the storyline or a gimmick. Long stated that facial expressions play a significant role in helping a superstar get over with the WWE Universe.

He cited his own example and said wrestlers could get the audience’s attention without even uttering a word:

“It will take a lot of building for that. Like I said, when you get to the part where you’re believable, that depends on the talent. Not the writers, not Vince, nobody! That depends on you to go out there and make people believe. That’s all on you, then. A lot of guys don’t understand how to get over. I understood how to get over by not even talking, by just using facials and facial expressions. Facial expressions can sometimes say exactly what you mean and how exactly, and you don’t have to say a word.” [From 3:32 to 4:05]

Teddy Long also felt a retired superstar could unlock Austin Theory’s real potential. Find out who he is talking about right here.

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