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“That’s why he’s the leader of [the] locker room” – Fans believe Roman Reigns broke character with heartfelt gesture for top star

ByRD Media

May 30, 2023

Roman Reigns is one of the most despised on-screen heels in WWE today. However, his recent gesture toward a top superstar has fans gushing about his personality. Reigns and Solo Sikoa faced Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens at Night of Champions. Despite being an opponent, Reigns seemingly had a big smile when Sami Zayn got a big pop from the crowd during his entrance, though this could have been his heelish condescending grin.

The Tribal Chief has been feuding with Zayn ever since the latter betrayed The Head of the Table and left The Bloodline. Reigns defeated Zayn at Elimination Chamber but could not defeat him and KO at Night of Champions because of his cousins, The Usos, interfering in the match.

Sami Zayn participated in his first major WWE event in Saudi Arabia and was adored by the crowd. Zayn wore traditional attire while coming out to the ring and spoke in Arabic. The fans loved this, and they cheered for him loudly. A number of fans believe this was the moment Roman Reigns broke character, as he was seen grinning ear to ear, which fans think was because he was happy for his colleague’s success.

Roman Reigns is considered a locker-room leader in WWE

One of the key factors contributing to Reigns’ respect in the WWE locker room is his unwavering dedication to his craft. He has consistently shown up with a strong work ethic, pushing himself to the limits in the gym and in the ring. His commitment to staying in peak physical condition and honing his in-ring skills has garnered admiration from fellow wrestlers who recognize his hard work.

There have been many stories where Roman Reigns has stood up for the locker room. One such being when he threw Enzo Amore out of the bus for creating a ruckus. Reigns’ potential gesture for Sami Zayn shows that he is not a selfish top star of the company and helped put Zayn and Owens over on the 1000th day of his WWE Universal Championship reigns when he could have made the night about himself.

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