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How can The Bloodline diffuse the tension between Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso?

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May 31, 2023

Roman Reigns’ position as leader of The Bloodline is on shaky ground following Night of Champions. Jimmy Uso’s brutal superkicks to the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion was enough for him to reconsider the faction’s future.

The Tribal Chief is set to have a celebration on the upcoming edition of SmackDown for his historic now 1000-plus day title reign. At the Premium Live Event, Jey Uso questioned his brother’s actions, to which he responded it needed to be done. Prior to the shocking incident, the brothers accidentally superkicked Solo Sikoa, resulting in his inability to aide Reigns.

While many assumed Jey Uso would be the one to turn on The Bloodline, the wrestling fraternity was baffled by Jimmy’s actions. Many questions are left unanswered, stemming from the SmackDown before Night of Champions. Paul Heyman cited that The Usos would not be present in Saudi Arabia. Thus, leading to speculation on him being the mastermind behind the betrayal.

Last year, Roman Reigns announced a part-time schedule enabling him to appear only on prominent Premium Live Events. This year, he is reportedly set to compete and actively participate until SummerSlam. Given Jey Uso’s possible dismissal of his brother’s attack on Reigns, WWE could book a match between them, with the former serving as the referee at Money in the Bank in July. Thus, magnifying the tension in The Bloodline and revealing who sides with The Tribal Chief in the end. This could also lead to Roman Reigns turning face, as his heel run in the past year has garnered critical acclaim and is bound to conclude sometime in the near future.

Their feud could continue until The Biggest Party of Summer, culminating in an intense climax of the brewing rivalry and frustration among The Bloodline.

The big question remains, whether Jimmy Uso will attend Roman Reigns’ 1000-day celebration this week

Roman Reigns crossed the 1000-day mark as Universal Champion on May 27. A celebration of his triumph was announced to take place on the upcoming edition of SmackDown.

With the closeness of The Bloodline, all members would come together on celebratory occasions. However, given the latest events that transpired, it is uncertain what The Tribal Chief has in store for Jimmy Uso – will his acts be forgiven, or will war enrage between the two? With Jimmy Uso’s pent-up frustration, the latter is more likely, enabling a feud between the two.

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In 2020, Roman Reigns defeated Jey Uso in an ‘I Quit’ match. Jimmy Uso came to his brother’s aide but found himself on the receiving end of a guillotine chokehold. Despite his alliance with the WWE Champion in later years, the suppressed anger from the incident could still be evident.

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