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[WATCH] Gunther breaks character as Kevin Owens goes on a rant in memorable RAW segment

ByRD Media

May 31, 2023

WWE Superstar Gunther is one of the most dominant superstars on RAW, but even the Intercontinental Champion couldn’t help himself from breaking character due to Kevin Owens’ hilarious antics.

KO and Sami Zayn appeared on RAW this week following a successful title defense against Roman Reigns and Solo at Night of Champions. Zayn reminded everyone that he and KO won their war against Reigns, and The Bloodline’s destruction will serve as a reminder for the Tribal Chief.

However, their promo was interrupted by Imperium as Ludwig Kaiser walked out with a monologue prepared to establish Gunther’s supremacy. The introduction itself made the Intercontinental Champion smile.

KO was not amused by the interruption and started ranting against the heel stable, even though they were never mentioned. It accounted for a hilarious segment where Sami tried to calm down his friend while smiling ear to ear.

In the background of the shot, Gunther was also spotted smiling as he entered the ring, but he quickly went back to keeping a straight face.

Below is the video of the hilarious interaction between Kevin Owens and The Imperium:


WWE fans loved the segment and credited KO for nailing the character of the only wrestler who watches weekly shows and keeps tabs on continuity regarding storylines and their underlying tropes.

What’s next for Gunther on WWE RAW?

Later in the show, Gunther hijacked a backstage interview featuring Matt Riddle. The latter talked about his aim to win the Money in the Bank briefcase when The Imperium leader interrupted the conversation.

Gunther said he hoped for Riddle to win MITB before menacingly suggesting that he should cash in the guaranteed title opportunity for the Intercontinental Championship so they could fight. Riddle didn’t get a chance to respond, but the segment hinted at him being the next challenger for Gunther on RAW.

What is your take on the Imperium interrupting the opening segment on RAW? Sound off in the comments section below.

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