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[WATCH] Solo Sikoa’s reaction to a fan hurling expletives at him at Night of Champions

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May 31, 2023

Solo Sikoa was in a bad mood after he was pinned at Night of Champions, resulting in Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens retaining the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. To make matters worse, while he was on his way backstage, a fan began hurling expletives at The Bloodline member.

At Night of Champions, Sikoa teamed up with Roman Reigns to challenge for the titles. During the match, after the Tribal Chief unintentionally knocked the referee out with a spear, The Usos made their way to the crowd.

During the interference, The Usos made quick work of Kevin Owens, and when they proceeded to do the same to Zayn, the former Bloodline member ducked out of the way of Superkick. Unfortunately, the move aimed at knocking out Zayn accidentally hit Solo Sikoa.

An infuriated Roman Reigns returned to the ring, yelled at The Usos, and began pushing them around. Jimmy Uso decided he had had enough of Reigns telling him what to do and kicked the Tribal Chief in his face. The Bloodline implosion allowed Zayn and Owens to hit Solo Sikoa with their finishers and pin him.

After the match ended, the Enforcer of The Bloodline went backstage. In a video that was taken at the Night of Champions, one can see Solo Sikoa’s reaction to the fan constantly yelling at him.

What was Solo Sikoa’s reaction to what transpired at Night Of Champions?

While The Bloodline imploded in the main event, The Enforcer of the faction was pinned. Since the Premium Live Event, Sikoa has been quiet.

However, he sent a cryptic tweet a few days before Roman Reign’s 1000-day celebration on WWE SmackDown.

Many fans speculate that Sikoa will have to choose sides in the battle against The Bloodline and that the post suggests the same. The only person who has addressed the situation head-on is Paul Heyman. The Special Counsel, while on his way out of Saudi Arabia, tweeted that they will all talk about it on Friday

What is your take on The Bloodline’s implosion? Sound off in the comments section below.

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