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Rhea Ripley addresses the fall of The Bloodline and what it means for The Judgment Day in WWE

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Jun 3, 2023

SmackDown Women’s Champion recently addressed the cracking in The Bloodline and what it means for WWE.

The Bloodline has recently been falling apart as Jimmy Uso superkicked Roman Reigns twice at Night of Champions. Last night on SmackDown, The Tribal Chief got his revenge on his cousin when he let Solo Sikoa deliver a Samoan Spike to him in front of a shocked Jey Uso.

In a recent interview with Battleground Podcast, Ripley commented on the fall of The Bloodline, stating that The Judgment Day is currently the biggest faction in the Stamford-based company.

“[With The Bloodline falling apart, would you consider The Judgment Day the greatest faction in WWE at the moment?] I mean, I would say so. And Priest even said it last Monday. He said with The Bloodline is falling apart, The Judgment Day we don’t only just run Monday Night RAW but we run all of WWE. So, yes, I do believe that we are the biggest,” she said. [0:57 – 1:12]

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Rhea Ripley believes Dominik Mysterio will soon win gold in WWE

Since turning on his father, Rey Mysterio, and Edge at Clash at the Castle last September, Dominik Mysterio has been one of the most hated heels in the Stamford-based company. Meanwhile, he has entered an on-screen romantic relationship with his Judgment Day teammate Rhea Ripley.

In her interview with Battleground Podcast, Ripley addressed Dominik’s future, disclosing that she believes he will soon become champion.

“He’s definitely getting a massive reaction from the WWE Universe and it’s quite entertaining. Every week it seems to get louder and louder. So, in no time like seeing how far he’s grown in the last six months, seeing his confidence just like completely grow and him just blossom into the superstar that you see today, he’s definitely gonna have championship gold around his waist sometime soon. I believe it, he believes it, and so does Finn [Balor] and Damian [Priest],” she said.

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