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WWE replicated an evil Roman Reigns moment from 3 years ago on SmackDown: Will the outcome be same?

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Jun 3, 2023

Roman Reigns faked his emotions on SmackDown this week. The Tribal Chief tricked Jimmy Uso into believing The Bloodline won’t fight amongst each other only to tell Solo Sikoa to take out his brother with a Samoan Spike to the throat. Before the spot, Roman faked his tears. The moment was awfully similar to Roman and Jimmy’s interaction from three years ago.

The Tribal Chief had tricked his cousin into believing his emotions were genuine only to show his true colors during the infamous “I Quit” Hell in a Cell match on October 25, 2020. Roman forced Jey Uso to fall in line and Jimmy to follow suit after he returned from injury. This time, however, the outcome will be much different as the twins will likely band together to take on their cousin and brother.

The seeds for the feud were planted on the latest edition of SmackDown. Jey Uso pleaded with Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso to stop the in-fighting. Jimmy said he’d want nothing but to see The Bloodline band together and dominate competition. Roman hugged Jimmy only for Solo Sikoa to take out his own blood with a thumb to the throat.

The segment ended with Roman and Solo walking to the backstage as The Usos looked on from inside the ring. The angle will reportedly lead to a match between the two teams at Money in the Bank premium live event in London. We correctly predicted that the Enforcer will stick by his Tribal Chief’s side on SmackDown this week.

Roman Reigns gets new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt

The Tribal Chief hit 1,000 days as WWE Universal Champion at Night of Champions 2023. To celebrate the incredible milestone, a special title reign celebration took place in the main event of the blue brand this week.

Triple H kicked off the main event segment on SmackDown. The Game asked fans to welcome Roman to the ring. WWE’s Chief Content Officer then awarded Roman with a brand new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt.

Roman handed over his old belts to Paul Heyman. He then told the whole universe to acknowledge him as the Tribal Chief. Michael Cole noted that Roman is just three weeks away from breaking Pedro Morales record of 1027 World title reign.

It remains to be seen how WWE will hype Roman Reigns’ upcoming achievement.

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