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When Rhea Ripley was terrified of current WWE star after confessing her love for him

ByRD Media

Jun 5, 2023

Growing up, Rhea Ripley was a wrestling fan. She watched WWE shows whenever she had the chance.

While she admired several top wrestlers, including Triple H and Beth Phoenix, The Eradicator’s favorite superstar was The Miz.

In an interview with Revolver in 2019, The Judgment Day member confessed her love for The Awesome One. During another interview with Under the Ring:

Pro Wrestling Conversations last year, the current SmackDown Women’s Champion again spoke about her love for The Miz.

“My all-time favorite was The Miz. Growing up, I loved everything about The Miz. I loved his arrogant attitude. I just loved the way that he talked and walked around and thought that he was the top dog but then also like ran away from people like John Cena at times. Like, I don’t know, I just I’ve loved everything about The Miz,” she said. [12:46 – 13:08]

Ripley pointed out that The Miz must know that she was a fan of his after she mentioned it in many interviews. She also disclosed that he had not brought it up with her.

“I feel like I’ve said it on so many interviews and just so many people that he must know. He’s never brought it up with me though and I’m terrified for that day because I don’t know what I’m gonna say [laughs],” she added. [13:10 – 13:23]

Is Rhea Ripley the leader of The Judgment Day on WWE RAW?

The Judgment Day currently has four members: Finn Balor, Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, and Rhea Ripley. Due to The Eradicator’s growing popularity, some fans assumed she was the group’s leader.

In a recent interview with Battleground Podcast, Ripley denied being the leader of The Judgment Day despite getting bossy sometimes.

“We don’t have a leader but, you know, I do get quite bossy sometimes. Mami gets what she wants so…” Ripley explained.


Rhea Ripley is interested in challenging Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title in a first-time-ever match. Check out her comments here.

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