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[Watch] Solo Sikoa gets into heartwarming banter with a little girl at a WWE live event without breaking character

ByRD Media

Jun 7, 2023

Solo Sikoa might be one of the most feared heels on the WWE roster, but his ‘argument’ with a little girl during a live event has WWE Universe praising him. During a recent show, Sikoa faced Matt Riddle. However, it wasn’t just Riddle that The Enforcer had to focus on. A little girl in the front row kept taunting Sikoa, and he did not shy away from playing along.

Solo Sikoa has been a part of The Bloodline since he debuted at Clash at the Castle last year. Last week on SmackDown, he turned on his own brother Jimmy Uso to side with Roman Reigns after Jimmy tried to stand up to The Tribal Chief. There have been rumors that Sikoa will eventually turn on Reigns as well.

For now, Sikoa was tasked with facing his long-term rival Matt Riddle – the man he had sent to the shelf after brutally attacking him a few months back. Riddle came back and vowed revenge, but it was The Street Champion who always got the better of The Original Bro. Check out how Sikoa responded to the little girl while facing Riddle:

Will Solo Sikoa turn on Roman Reigns?

Since aligning himself with Reigns, Solo Sikoa has been an integral part of The Tribal Chief’s dominant reign atop the WWE. Together, they have formed an impenetrable alliance, leaving a trail of defeated opponents in their wake. Sikoa’s unwavering loyalty and devotion to Reigns has made him a trusted lieutenant in Reigns’ empire.

However, with a massive shift taking place within The Bloodline, it is expected that The Enforcer will soon break out as well. There are rumors which suggest that the goal of the whole Bloodline angle is to get Sikoa over, and he will eventually clash with his Tribal Chief.

While the notion of Solo Sikoa turning on Roman Reigns is purely speculative at this point, the evidence cannot be ignored. The WWE Universe eagerly awaits the next chapters of this enthralling saga, ready to witness the potential betrayal that could send shockwaves through The Bloodline and forever alter the landscape of WWE.

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