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4 possible directions for all the members of The Bloodline on WWE Friday Night SmackDown

ByRD Media

Jun 7, 2023

The ongoing saga of The Bloodline is easily described by some as WWE’s most compelling angle to date. This speaks volumes, as the faction officially formed in 2021.

Back then, it was met with praise; fast forward to 2023, and the faction’s main event segment helped SmackDown reportedly score its highest audience total since John Cena’s return match in late 2022.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and as Sami Zayn has said in so many words, so too will The Bloodline.

Here are four possible directions for all the members of The Bloodline on WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

#4. Jey Uso eventually leaves The Bloodline, and The Usos officially turn face once again

As a refresher for SmackDown, Roman Reigns and Jimmy hugged it out for a quick second. After that, The Tribal Chief answered his cousin’s question about still being the ones with an emotionless and emphatic no.

Solo Sikoa then hit his brother with The Samoan Spike. Reigns and Paul Heyman left the ring, but Solo stayed ten toes down in the squared circle and stared down his two brothers.

While no one knows for sure about Sikoa, The Wise Man and The Tribal Chief are clearly confident that Jey will kick his brother to the curb and stick with The Bloodline.

In reality, it’s far more likely that Jey will wisen up and stop drinking the poisonous Kool-aid on The Island of Relevancy.

It feels like tag teams split up every other day in WWE, which creates a problem; more so on the women’s side than the men’s, but the fact remains true.

A strong tag team division needs established teams who’ve built a rep by working together as a unit. Does this not describe The Usos?

#3. Solo Sikoa eventually breaks from The Bloodline and continues to play the role of a silent savage on his own

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If you think Solo Sikoa can’t play the part, you’d be sadly mistaken. For starters, just look at his name.

On a more serious note, Sikoa was once an NXT Superstar before his main roster call-up. Back then, the former North American Champion didn’t have friends or allies. Moreover, he didn’t need them.

This was a part of his character during his stint there and remains a part of his identity today. Fortunately for Solo, he portrays this persona quite well. This means that when The Bloodline inevitably splits, the creative team won’t have to worry about changing his gimmick.

But wouldn’t you agree that a big, mean, intimidating dude with silent rage is better suited as a heel? Like the late great Iron Sheik was to Hulk Hogan, every great protagonist needs an extraordinary heel.

#2. Paul Heyman disappears from WWE TV for a while following The Bloodline’s demise

If you’re a Paul Heyman fanatic, you may have picked up on a certain pattern with him by now.

Point blank, The Wise Man follows the money.

Heyman rode the coattails of a young rookie monster named Brock Lesnar in 2002, the second he felt the reign of The Beast was ending; he double-crossed his own client and aligned himself with The Big Show that same year.

He reunited with Brock in 2012, but once Lesnar dropped the WWE Title to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania, The Wise Man found a new gravy train named Roman Reigns.

Once The Tribal Chief is on his last legs, it’s only natural that Heyman does one of the things he’s most known for.

But with a list of successful clients spanning several decades under his belt and boat load of legendary promos to boot, what’s left for Paul Heyman to prove? If The Bloodline angle is truly Heyman’s last stand, no one can say he didn’t go out on a high note.

#1. Roman Reigns takes on Hollywood following his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship loss

If you’re still referring to Roman as an undisputed champion, he technically is. He’s the undisputed top champion of SmackDown. Moreover, up until this May, he was the only male world champion in WWE.

Regardless of opinions about the red brand’s World Heavyweight Championship, it is recognized by the company as a world title. Moreover, it was reinstated for a specific purpose: to fill the void of Roman Reigns being a part-time wrestler while holding the most coveted championship in WWE.

Although an ever-growing group of fans who feel Reigns is once again getting stale, he’s repeatedly proven that he’s a big draw for the company. This means that fans are still very much invested when Roman is on TV. It also serves as a sign that Reigns clearly has some crossover appeal, as not every superstar can draw an audience like he’s been able to.

This all correlates to fame and attention outside of pro wrestling and could ultimately mean that we stop seeing Reigns on WWE programming for a while soon.

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