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WWE: Roman Reigns’ legendary cousin exposes fake online imposter

ByRD Media

Jun 7, 2023

Many of Roman Reigns’ family members, including Rikishi, have left their mark on the wrestling industry over the years. The Hall of Famer recently revealed that somebody was pretending to be his son on a social media platform.

Besides being the father of Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso, and Jey Uso, Rikishi also has a younger son, Samson. The youngster is currently making a name for himself as a high school football star.

An unknown individual recently adopted Samson’s identity online, leading to Rikishi calling out the imposter in a recent social media post.

While wrestling may be possible in Samson Fatu’s future, he is not the first in his family to thrive on the gridiron. Roman Reigns and The Rock have previously played the sport at a competitive level.

Roman Reigns’ cousin was seemingly rejected by WWE

The Head of the Table and many of his family members sit atop the food chain in WWE, with The Bloodline being one of the most dominant factions in recent years.

One family member who is holding gold outside of WWE is Jacob Fatu. He is the current MLW National Openweight Champion. MLW’s CEO Court Bauer stated on the Busted Open podcast that Fatu was unsuccessful in his WWE tryouts despite his obvious talent.

“People forget he had like three or four tryouts at WWE PC. They didn’t sign him. Now, everyone’s like, ‘He should go to WWE.’ There’s a reason the dude keeps re-upping with us,” revealed Bauer on Busted Open Radio. “This is the system that has figured it out. We found him, and he found himself. He has all the love for his family [The Bloodline] and what they’re doing there, but he’s enjoying his time in MLW.” [H/T WrestlingInc]

Roman Reigns’ Bloodline seems to be falling apart as Jimmy Uso recently superkicked The Tribal Chief at Night of Champions. Fans must wait and see what’s next in this intriguing storyline.

Who is the greatest member of the legendary Anoa’i family? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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