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“I did this for you my Tribal Chief” – Paul Heyman could destroy The Bloodline, according to former WWE star

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Jun 11, 2023

Former WWE Superstar Mark Henry believes that Paul Heyman could have a massive role in the future of The Bloodline.

The storyline involving the Roman Reigns-led faction is the biggest angle going on in WWE at this point. The stable has descended into chaos after Jimmy Uso revolted and decked The Tribal Chief with two superkicks at Night of Champions 2023.

This week on the Busted Open podcast, Henry stated that a tag team match pitting Reigns and Solo Sikoa against The Usos could lead to much drama. He claimed Sikoa could be ready to spike one of his brothers, with Reigns egging him on.

“Yeah, I’d rather see the tag. Maybe Solo comes to his senses. Maybe he sees his brother’s blood, and Jimmy or Jey is saying, ‘Don’t do it, man.’ You see the spike about to happen, and he says, ‘Don’t do it. That’s your brother.’ And Roman is like, ‘I’m your Tribal Chief.’ But that’s your brother, man. Don’t do it. And the struggle between the two.”

The Hall of Famer claimed that Heyman could also get involved, tilting the odds in favor of The Tribal Chief.

“Paul Heyman rarely ever puts his hands into harm’s way, but this is the time Heyman does something. Even Roman could look at him like, ‘What the hell?’ and he goes, ‘I did this for you, my Tribal Chief.’ The story just keeps going,” Henry added. [9:27 – 10:33]

Paul Heyman tried to swing Jey Uso in his favor on SmackDown

This week on SmackDown, Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa kicked off the show. Jey Uso soon came out, and Heyman addressed him.

The Wise Man told Jey that Jimmy envied him and his closeness to Roman Reigns. Heyman added that Reigns wanted to groom him as the next Tribal Chief.

Paul even tried to bribe Jey by stating that he had pulled some strings to get the latter booked for a United States Championship match against Austin Theory. However, The Right Hand Man lost the encounter after interferences from Pretty Deadly and Jimmy Uso, leading to all-out chaos.

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