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Top star leaving the company to pursue Hollywood – 4 reasons why Jey Uso really should become the next Tribal Chief in WWE

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Jun 11, 2023

WWE SmackDown was a big show. The blue brand featured four Money in the Bank qualifying matches, plus a United States Championship bout that was made during the broadcast. That specific match was the main event of the evening.

The United States Championship bout was particularly interesting, as it featured Jey Uso battling Austin Theory in a match orchestrated by Paul Heyman. The Wiseman of The Bloodline made the match in an attempt to keep Jey as part of the stable.

Perhaps more interestingly, Heyman also played mind games, telling Jey that the reason Jimmy left The Bloodline was out of jealousy. He went on to explain that Jimmy was jealous that Jey is being groomed to become the next Tribal Chief.

While the first instinct of any rational human being is to distrust Paul Heyman, the concept of Jey Uso becoming The Tribal Chief is an interesting one. This article will look at four possible reasons why he actually should become the new Head of the Table.

Below are four reasons why Jey Uso really should become the next Tribal Chief in WWE.

#4. Jey Uso can be a full-time Tribal Chief, unlike Roman Reigns

Jey Uso on RAW
Jey Uso on RAW

Roman Reigns is unquestionably the top star in all of WWE. As the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman has beaten top stars ranging from Brock Lesnar to Edge to Rey Mysterio. His reign has been incredible.

One major criticism from those both in and out of the industry, however, is that Roman’s part-time schedule hurts whatever brand he is on. Sure, it can be argued that when he is around, the show benefits from it, but the remaining weeks struggle by comparison.

Jey Uso would be a full-time Tribal Chief. If he were to lead The Bloodline, he’d always be there for the members involved. This would be beneficial for fans but also for the stable on a week-to-week basis moving forward.

#3. He has a closer bond with his family than Roman does

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Another key reason why Jey Uso should become WWE’s next Tribal Chief comes down to how close he is with the others and what kind of leader he would be. Simply put, Jey would make for a closer, kinder leader than his cousin.

Obviously, Jey is extremely close to Jimmy Uso. The Usos have been together since birth and are as thick as thieves. He’s likely also closer to Solo Sikoa, or was at one time, despite Roman’s manipulation of things.

Jey’s closeness to other stars extends past the immediate family too. Former member of The Bloodline, Sami Zayn, was very close to Jey Uso at one point. It could be argued that his leadership would keep the family together better than Roman’s, and he’d serve with love instead of fear.

#2. The WWE Universe loves Jey Uso and wants to support him as a top star

Roman Reigns is the biggest star and attraction in WWE and pro wrestling today, but Jey Uso is rapidly becoming one of the most popular superstars. He’s had pops from the audience that has rivaled Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn, arguably the two most popular babyfaces in the world.

Given Jey’s surge of popularity, in large part thanks to the ongoing Bloodline saga, it would make sense for WWE to begin positioning him as the new face of the stable. At some point, someone can and should replace Roman, so why not the other most popular member of the group?

Beyond just being popular, Jey has earned a lot of goodwill from the audience. They call him Main Event Jey Uso for a reason. Fans would gladly see Jey finally get his due and earn a top spot in the company as a singles star after being one of the best tag team wrestlers to ever do it.

#1. Roman Reigns may follow The Rock to Hollywood

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns
Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

While there are a lot of good reasons in kayfabe and from a fan’s perspective as to why Jey Uso should become the next Tribal Chief, the biggest reason may come down to a legitimate possibility that some fans won’t like to hear. Roman Reigns may not be in WWE for much longer.

Roman Reigns has dabbled in acting already, and many believe that he’s destined to move to Hollywood. It has paid off for the likes of The Rock, John Cena, and Batista, and it could be argued that Roman’s acting in WWE is as good, if not better than any of theirs were during their time on top.

If the plan is for The Head of the Table to move on, the company needs somebody to fill that role when he’s gone. Triple H led DX when Shawn Michaels left. Could Jey Uso lead The Bloodline once Roman goes off to Hollywood? It certainly seems plausible.

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