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WWE could spin off Paul Heyman’s massively obvious SmackDown tease in multiple ways

ByRD Media

Jun 11, 2023

The Bloodline saga continues to be WWE’s most compelling piece of storytelling in recent history. Widely lauded within the Sports Entertainment fraternity and beyond for being consistent, impactful, and layered, the story has kept fans glued to their seats for nearly three years. Every member has had their time to shine, and many performers have been elevated by their involvement with this all-time great tale.

The latest wrinkle in this long-running odyssey saw Paul Heyman attempt to win Jey Uso to Roman Reigns’s side in the wake of Jimmy Uso’s recent rebellion. The Wiseman teased that Main Event Jey could soon take over The Bloodline’s leadership from The Tribal Chief, leaving fans with more questions than answers.

With so many moving parts, this could spawn any number of outcomes going forward, each with huge implications for The Bloodline’s future.

Here are five compelling story threads that WWE could spin off Heyman’s tease on the blue brand

#5. Jey Uso abandons his brother and takes up Roman Reigns’ offer

There's undeniable friction between the former 600+ day WWE undisputed tag team champions
There’s undeniable friction between the former 600+ day WWE undisputed tag team champions

Since the dawn of The Bloodline, Jey Uso has arguably been the only person who loves family supremacy as much as, if not more than, Roman Reigns. Before falling in line, he fought The Tribal Chief for the Universal Title and (implicitly) the right to lead the family. Among his many gripes with his position as a tag team specialist was the fact that he was indistinguishable from his twin.

Main Event Jey has accomplished everything in the tag team division, being an eight-time and longest-reigning champion. The allure of a prominent singles position may tempt him to turn his back on Jimmy and join Reigns with an eye on succeeding The Tribal Chief. Were he to succeed and possibly become a WWE World Champion, no one would ever dare ask, “Which Uso is he?” ever again!

#4. Solo Sikoa resents Jey Uso for being anointed future Tribal Chief of the WWE

Solo Sikoa is the most enigmatic figure in The Bloodline. The Street Champ rarely speaks, shows few emotions via facial expressions, and seldom takes center stage. It’s thus difficult to decipher what’s going on in his mind, making him a potential wildcard in any situation.

Sikoa has stood by Roman Reigns’ side since debuting in Cardiff last year, saving him multiple times when The Usos couldn’t, most notably at WrestleMania 39. What’s to stop him from taking offense with Reigns for overlooking him as a potential successor in favor of Jey Uso? This could cause a huge betrayal by The Street Champ, leading to Reigns vs. Sikoa down the road.

#3. Jey Uso pushes Paul Heyman out of The Bloodline and into the arms of his next client

The Bloodline’s segments on WWE SmackDown this past week were a goldmine of teases. Apart from Paul Heyman’s “future Tribal Chief” tease, there was a hint of friction between The Right Hand Man and The Special Counsel. Jey joked that if he were to stay in The Bloodline, Heyman would be out, a statement which both men shrugged off with tense laughter.

Austin Theory then added a little fuel to the fire, extending a cheeky offer to The Wiseman should the latter soon find himself out of a job. With reports of the company planning to push the United States Champion massively going forward, this could very well lead to a new alliance.

#2. Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, and Solo Sikoa play Jimmy and Jey Uso against each other

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Clear battle lines have been drawn between Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso. After the latter’s shocking Night of Champions turn, a divide was formed within the group, with little hope of reconciliation. At Reigns’ 1000-day celebration, he flat out rejected Jimmy’s attempt to get back together, with Solo Sikoa choosing The Tribal Chief’s side.

With Jey Uso still in no man’s land, the offer to groom him into the next Tribal Chief is most likely a manipulation play to sow discord between the twins. The first signs of disharmony showed on SmackDown as Jimmy mistakenly cost Jey his US Title shot courtesy of Solo Sikoa’s interference.

They could succeed in convincing The Right Hand Man that Jimmy is jealous of him and that his twin prefers power to brotherhood. The Tribal Chief would thus be able to deflect their wrath away from himself and towards each other, weakening them before picking off their bones individually.

#1. The brothers play the long game against Roman Reigns

Could Solo, Jimmy, and Jey unite to do what the rest of WWE has failed to do for 1000+ days?
Could Solo, Jimmy, and Jey unite to do what the rest of WWE has failed to do for 1000+ days?

Picture this: Jey Uso takes up Roman Reigns’ offer to be groomed as the next Tribal Chief of WWE. Slowly but surely, he isolates The Head of the Table, causing him to fall out with Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman. He preys on Reigns’ ego and paranoia, leading the latter to drive away The Wiseman and Street Champ, believing that only The Right Hand Man can be trusted.

With only the two of them left, Main Event Jey shockingly turns on The WWE Undisputed Universal Champion, revealing that he’s secretly been working with Jimmy Uso and Solo to usurp their cousin. This months-long scheme ends up being the downfall of Reigns, leading to him finally being dethroned and The Bloodline re-forming without him as a babyface trio with true family values.

This would bring a satisfying end to the saga, ending the story just as it began: rooted in family. It might just break the number of times the word “CINEMA” was used by the WWE Universe in one night!

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