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“I don’t think that would be good TV” – Former WWE star discusses Roman Reigns’ master plan to separate The Usos

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Jun 11, 2023

Former WWE star Mark Henry feels that Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman are trying to break up The Usos.

Things have gone downhill with The Bloodline since Night of Champions. After Jimmy Uso decked Reigns with two Superkicks, he got planted with a Samoan Spike from Solo the week after on SmackDown. This past week on the blue brand, Paul Heyman tried to convince Jey that Roman Reigns was trying to groom him as the next Tribal Chief, and his brother was jealous of that.

This week on the Busted Open podcast, Henry claimed that The Usos need to see through Roman and Heyman’s plan and stick together. He claimed that all the chaos was a ploy by the wily Paul Heyman to exploit the cracks between Jimmy and Jey.

“I was like, Paul is a manipulator.” Henry continued, “I hope that The Usos don’t fall for that because I know that was Paul and Roman trying to draw a line between them. Trying to separate them as brothers, separate them as a tag team in order to get Jimmy to be punished or Jey to be punished. I don’t think that they should fall for it. I don’t think that would be good TV. To have Jimmy be on his own against Roman, his brother, and Solo? It’s not gonna work out and we won’t be interested in that.” [From 06:47 to 08:48]

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Roman Reigns will be on SmackDown next week

This week, Jey Uso had the opportunity to win the first-ever singles title of his career when he faced Austin Theory for the United States Championship.

However, things fell apart when Jimmy Uso interfered and inadvertently Superkicked Jey, allowing Theory to pick up the win.

WWE announced that next week, Roman Reigns will be on SmackDown to address the strife within his faction. The Tribal Chief could also use the divide between The Usos to pull Jey closer to him and single out Jimmy.

Do you think we are moving toward a huge matchup with The Bloodline members? Let us know in the comments section below.

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