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Paul Heyman or Solo Sikoa: Who could betray Roman Reigns next?

ByRD Media

Jun 17, 2023

Roman Reigns didn’t receive the support he wanted from Jey Uso on the June 16, 2023 edition of WWE SmackDown. The Tribal Chief expected Jey Uso to choose himself over Jimmy Uso, but it really went the other way.

Jey Uso removed Jimmy Uso out of The Bloodline and stepped out of the faction. Not only did he leave Roman Reigns, but he Superkicked him in the face before walking out of the ring with Jimmy. Going forward, it’s possible the next member of The Bloodline to follow in The Usos’ footsteps could be their younger brother, Solo Sikoa.

So far, both Jimmy and Jey Uso have physically attacked The Tribal Chief while quitting the faction. Currently, Sikoa is The Enforcer of The Bloodline where he makes sure Reigns’ plans are followed through. However, he may not pick The Head of the Table over his own brothers after a certain point.


Solo Sikoa has already shown signs of his alignment with The Usos, where he picked them over Reigns for a while on SmackDown. Furthermore, Sikoa seems to be the one person Reigns potentially fears. Therefore, it won’t be completely surprising if The Enforcer cashed-in on that fear!

On the other hand, Paul Heyman has been with Roman Reigns from the beginning. In fact, The Wise Man picked The Tribal Chief over Brock Lesnar! It’s evident that Heyman’s loyalty lies with Reigns, and it’ll be that way for a while.

Roman Reigns revealed what he had been doing for Jey Uso

On the latest episode of WWE SmackDown, Roman Reigns returned to confront Jey Uso. During that segment, The Undisputed Universal Champion referred to what Paul Heyman told Jey Uso in the previous episode.

Previously, Heyman informed the Right Hand Man that Reigns will begin grooming him to be the next Tribal Chief. However, Roman informed Jey that he was being groomed for the last three years. In fact, Reigns revealed that Main Event Jey was supposed to keep The Bloodline at the peak of Promiseland after Reigns got The Bloodline to Promiseland.

Furthermore, The Tribal Chief told Uso that he was Reigns’ ‘Right Hand Man’. The Head of the Table also tried to create a rift between The Usos.

Unfortunately, the words didn’t have the effect that Reigns hoped for. Instead, Jey Uso kicked himself and his brother out of the faction.

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