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330 lbs star to assault Jey Uso and injure him on WWE RAW? Exploring the possibility

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Jan 29, 2024

Jey Uso was the number one entrant in the Royal Rumble men’s match, with Jimmy Uso being number two. The brothers came together in the ring as rivals and provided a thrilling start to the match. Fans finally got a glimpse of what Jey vs. Jimmy in a singles match would look like.

After spending 50 minutes in the ring, Uso was eliminated by Gunther when the clock was nearing the 51st minute. Following Royal Rumble 2024, Main Event Jey is looking to make a big statement on Monday Night RAW.

WWE has confirmed Jey Uso v Bronson Reed for RAW tonight. With both superstars looking to make their dominance felt, Reed has a power advantage over Jey. To ensure this advantage is properly noticed by the WWE Universe, Bronson Reed could assault Main Event Jey to the point of injury on the red show.

This will serve as a great build-up for ‘Big’ Reed for the upcoming premium live event in Australia. Reed kickstarted his rise by eliminating the returning Andrade during the Royal Rumble match. Now, taking on and assaulting one of RAW’s top stars is all he needs to cement himself as the next ‘Big’ guy!

Jey Uso opens up about being away from his brothers

Over the past year, Main Event Jey’s life in the WWE Universe has changed massively. He went from being Roman Reigns’ right-hand man in WWE to the lone wolf on WWE RAW.

During an interview with TNT Sport, Jey Uso spoke about the biggest difference between being with his pack and being alone. Here’s what he had to say:

“I think the biggest difference for me is the traveling part of my job. I travel alone now, and I’m usually with my twin brother all these years, even with Solo for the last year and a half. I was just riding with my brothers all the time. Now, it’s just me, just navigating through the world, just alone. I got buddies out there, but there’s nothing like having your brothers around because then it wouldn’t feel like I’m at work a lot of the time. They would make time pass, they would make the long car drives pass easier, faster.”

Watch the video here:

Before Royal Rumble 2024, Jey had teamed up with Kofi Kingston, and taken on Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci.

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