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Blind Dog Who Had Been Lost in the Woods for a Week Was Found and Rescued

ByRD Media

Dec 5, 2022

True animal lovers see their companion animals as more than just animals in their care.

They are afforded the same rights as people do to affection, care, and concern and are treated with the same degree of equality.

As he drew closer, he was astounded to find out that it wasn’t what he thought it was, which infuriated him because it made him think about how irresponsible other people could become. The instant that Sage recognized Don’s teeth, a huge change occurred in her expression.

It came as an even bigger surprise to him when he realized that it was Sage, and that the dog, although being paralyzed, was still alive. While he was contemplating how he would break the news to the Cole family. Sage gave him a brief twitch that confirmed she was, in fact, still alive.

Sage was quite weak as a result of her lack of access to food and water. Therefore, Don had to carry her while cautiously climbing the slope.


After spending eight days by herself in the woods, Sage determined that she was still alive and decided to head back home. At long last, Sage was able to go back to her house and be with her family there. Her family made sure that she was fed, bathed, and looked after at all times. They also made sure that she was never out of their sight again.

This story demonstrates how kindhearted animal lovers can be!

Sage is kind and adorable, and she belongs to a wonderful family. Dogs are beautiful creatures that are deserving of our adoration and protection.


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