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WWE Rumor Roundup: Former world champion released because of health issues, AEW star Malakai Black set to return? top names break script due to major botch

ByRD Media

Dec 13, 2022



Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup, where we try and bring you the biggest rumors and updates from the world of sports entertainment. In today’s edition, we will take a look at some interesting rumors revolving around top names like Bray Wyatt, Malakai Black, and Drew McIntyre.

Ever since Triple H took over as the head of creative, there have been multiple superstars who have returned to the company. Unfortunately, some of the other stars who would have wanted to return are locked into contracts with AEW. Two such names are reportedly Malakai Black and Buddy Mathews. However, there is confusion regarding whether they can return or not.

3) Malakai Black set to return to WWE?



Former NXT Champion Aleister Black was released by WWE last year. He joined AEW as Malakai Black and became the leader of the faction House of Black comprising Brody King, Buddy Mathews and Julia Hart. He allegedly asked for his release recently and was granted a conditional release preventing him from joining WWE.


Fightful Select reported that Black’s request for a release was seen by the higher-ups as an attempt to return to WWE. It was also indicated that he had told a WWE talent that he wished to be there. Black’s partner Zelina Vega also works for WWE which could further fuel his desire for a return to his old stomping grounds.

2) Bray Wyatt was reportedly released because of not being cleared to compete



Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer revealed that Bray Wyatt was released last year as he wasn’t cleared to compete. His release came as a big surprise considering he was one of the top superstars in the company. It has been reported that he was one of the highest earners in the company following big names like Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

“According to Wrestling Observer Live’s Bryan Alvarez, at the time when Bray Wyatt was fired by WWE last year, he had ‘an issue with being cleared’ to compete. That issue was a factor in WWE’s decision to release him. Alvarez went on to say that he doesn’t know if the issue has ever been resolved.”

There have been a lot of rumors recently suggesting that the former Universal Champion could be on his way back to the company with Triple H in charge. It is not known if his health issues that prevented him from being cleared for competition have been resolved or not.


1) Drew McIntyre, Karrion Kross and Scarlett broke the script on SmackDown



Last week on SmackDown, the fireball angle featuring Drew McIntyre and Scarlett got botched. The three stars involved altered the original plans and improvised. Scarlett originally planned to take McIntyre down with a fireball, which didn’t happen. Here is what Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer stated:

”It was largely impromptu, but not exactly. There was concern because they used like a fire gun. It was almost like if it was known since they were going live, that they would adjust. So if you noticed Drew McIntyre paused for a second, and then he attacked Kross. They pretty much called, I guess there was mutual understanding as Scarlett hit a low blow. It worked out somehow, but it was absolutely not the plan.”

Eventually, she low-blowed the Scottish Warrior for Karrion Kross to take advantage of the situation and beat McIntrye up. It was an impromptu call and she had to break the original script. Despite the botch, it was commendable how the three acted in tandem and insured that the angle went smoothly.

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