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Triple H sends open invite for major star to return and confront The Bloodline on WWE SmackDown

ByRD Media

Dec 14, 2022

Triple H just gave fans another reason to tune into tomorrow night’s episode of WWE SmackDown. He issued an open invite to Logan Paul, after the YouTube personality seemingly planted the seeds for a rivalry with Roman Reigns when the latter appeared on his Impaulsive show.

The Game acknowledged the budding off-screen feud between Paul and The Bloodline and felt they could settle their issues on live TV this week.

Here’s what Triple H tweeted out while responding to Logan Paul:

…It just so happens I have a globally televised platform to allow our Superstars to “handle” their issues with one another … consider this an invite for #Smackdown tomorrow night!

Logan Paul’s challenge for a match against Roman Reigns didn’t go unnoticed as the Samoan star reacted to the 27-year-old comments with the following tweet:

While The Tribal Chief might not be present on the upcoming SmackDown, he has tasked Paul Heyman with the job of “handling” Logan Paul.

Logan, however, didn’t seem concerned by the threat posed by Heyman and responded by taking a shot at the veteran manager.

Is WWE building up towards a program between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul?

Despite having wrestled just twice, Logan Paul has already proven that he belongs in the squared circle. Fans have been impressed by Paul’s transition to wrestling as he looks to be a mainstream attraction for WWE.

The controversial star also hopes to dethrone Reigns even though he lacks the in-ring experience to pull off a massive upset. Additionally, Logan Paul has not appeared for WWE since beating The Miz at SummerSlam, and earlier reports stated that he will not be back until the end of the year.

Paul reportedly had plans to return to the boxing ring in December, but there have been no updates regarding the proposed bout.

While his recent interactions with Roman Reigns hint toward a high-profile WWE angle, it will be interesting to see if Triple H pulls the trigger on the storyline. We should ideally get all the answers on SmackDown.



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