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WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre appears alongside top stars John Abraham and Karthi in a film on Sony Sports Network

ByRD Media

Dec 14, 2022

Drew McIntyre has brought all the action from the WWE ring to the silver screen in a new promotion on Sony Sports Network, the company’s official broadcast in India.

In a video released by Sony Sports Network, the former WWE Champion appeared in three films alongside top Indian movie stars. Bollywood superstar John Abraham was featured in the Hindi version, while South superstar Karthi appeared in the Tamil and Telegu releases.

It promised 100% “shudh sports entertainment” and showed a mix of WWE action with Indian cinema. The film is about an attempted bank robbery, where the manager hits the emergency security button on time.

As noted earlier, Drew McIntyre and John Abraham appear in the Hindi version, and Karthi in the Tamil and Telegu versions, with some WWE commentary in the background.

After a short argument about who would start, McIntyre hit a big boot while the Indian star hit the chokeslam.

They make short work of the goons, using moves like a German Suplex, a powerbomb, and Roman Reigns’ Superman Punch.

McIntyre would then end it all, hitting the Claymore.

Speaking about the Indian fanbase in a press conference, Drew McIntyre discussed the passion they had for WWE and what it was like working with Abraham and Karthi in the Sony Sports Network production:

“The passion of our fans in India is just extraordinary and this country has surpassed all my wildest expectations. Working with Karthi and John Abraham and the talented team at Sony Sports Network has been awesome. These actors are amongst the humblest human beings I have ever come across. Perhaps this is phase one of Drew McIntyre’s movie career in India…” he noted.

WWE has been looking to expand into the Indian market for some time. After the massive Superstar Spectacle in 2021, there could be more shows coming for the company’s huge number of fans.

Fans can watch the LIVE coverage of WWE RAW on Tuesdays, WWE NXT on Wednesdays, and WWE SmackDown on Saturdays on Sony Sports Ten 1 (English), Sony Sports Ten 3 (Hindi) & Sony Sports Ten 4 (Tamil & Telugu) channels.

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