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“We’ve got to get the title off of her immediately” – Details of backstage WWE meeting that allegedly led to Mandy Rose being fired

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Dec 15, 2022

The latest backstage reports have revealed potential details of the meeting before WWE fired Mandy Rose this week.

The former NXT Women’s Champion was unceremoniously released from the company after a historic title reign of over 400 days. Rose lost her gold to Roxanne Perez in an impromptu match on Tuesday.

The officials decided to fire her after explicit pictures of the former superstar were released from her page on FanTime. The officials recognized it as a breach of the company’s moral policies and guidelines, leading to a backstage meeting.

As reported by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Matt Bloom brought the posts to Shawn Michaels’ attention in a meeting. It appears that the problem was with the nature of the pictures on Mandy Rose’s subscription-based page and not the use of a third-party website.

It was then decided that Rose needed to lose the title, and the latest edition of NXT was planned around the same. Here’s what Meltzer said about the events leading up to The Golden Goddess’ exit:

“They switched the whole show around because they – what happened was, there was a meeting, and Matt Bloom brought to Shawn Michaels, told him what some of the stuff that she’s been putting on her subscription service is. And told Shawn what was there, and Shawn’s immediate thing was, ‘We’ve got to get the title off of her immediately.’ Switched around the whole show, got the title off of her.” (H/T WrestleTalk)

Mandy Rose recently broke her silence following her release by thanking fans for sending her supportive messages and assuring viewers that her FanTime page will remain up.

WWE fans furious with promotion for releasing Mandy Rose

The WWE Universe did not like the decision to release Mandy Rose from the company over her pictures. Many argued that the promotion could have handled the situation better by using suspensions or warnings to communicate its message.

A vocal section of fans stormed Twitter with “#rehireMandyRose,” demanding justice for the former NXT Women’s Champion. Loyal viewers of the developmental brand praised her work ethic, reminiscing about how she reinvented herself for the show and turned herself into one of the most dominant champions in its history.

Do you agree with WWE’s decision to fire Mandy Rose? Let us know in the comments section below.

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