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Every time Ava Raine denounced her ties with The Bloodline

ByRD Media

Dec 16, 2022

Ava Raine was introduced to WWE programming during her inclusion into The Schism, but most fans also expect her to be affiliated with The Bloodline due to her family ties. Still, it looks like the 21-year-old is more in favor of her current stable.

Ava is part of the iconic Anoa’i family as she is the daughter of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Although The Bloodline will welcome her with open arms, it seems like Raine is not interested at the moment.

Ava Raine hinted at denouncing her ties with The Bloodline in her first appearance. She also claimed that the dark stable, who she referred to as her family, completes her and that the acceptance they gave her defies any preconceived notions about her. However, the hints didn’t stop there.

Last month, the NXT stable was in an interview with Vic Joseph when Ava recalled her time at the Performance Center. She stated that while training, she was injured and needed surgery, but the only person who checked on her was Joe Gacy, even adding that it wasn’t people who claimed to have known her for years, possibly hinting at her family.

In another previous episode, Raine also took part in a Thanksgiving tradition with The Schism. The segment hinted that Ava joined the stable in their own Thanksgiving celebrations as their table was open for opportunities and new traditions.

The Bloodline member welcomes Ava Raine into the group

Although the NXT star is viewing Schism as her only family at the moment, the main roster stable is still open to adding her in the future.

In an interview with TMZ, Jimmy Uso spoke a little bit about Ava Raine’s debut, and when asked about potentially adding her, he responded positively. Furthermore, he also stated that Ava should still put in the work, which is highly likely since it runs in the blood.

“It’s always an open door [for her to be part of The Bloodline]. We’ll keep it at that but, you know what I’m saying? Sky’s the limit. You gotta put your work in here and I’m sure she’s got the workhorse in her like we all do. It runs deep in the blood and I’m excited for her future. I can’t wait to see where it takes us.”

For now, it looks like it might take for fans to see Ava Raine’s inclusion in The Bloodline and will continue her participation in The Schism.

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