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Watch: Sami Zayn offers a handshake to Roman Reigns’ enemy at WWE event

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Dec 16, 2022

On December 3, Roman Reigns’ Bloodline faction members were prominently featured during WWE’s Holiday Tour Supershow in Rochester, New York. One of The Tribal Chief’s allies, Sami Zayn, shared an intriguing moment with Kevin Owens at the live event.

It’s no secret that Owens and Reigns have been longtime rivals throughout their careers. The Prizefighter is gunning for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, with both superstars reportedly set for a singles clash at Royal Rumble 2023. Before we reach that stage, however, the Canadian star has recently been feuding with his former friend and current Bloodline member Sami Zayn.

Last Saturday, the top WWE faction was involved in multiple shenanigans. As a result, these three matches took place — in Roman Reigns’ absence — during the Rochester event:

  • Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Brawling Brutes (Ridge Holland and Butch) def. Jimmy and Jey Uso (c) via D.Q.
  • Kevin Owens and The Brawling Brutes def. Sami Zayn and The Usos via D.Q.
  • Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens, and The Brawling Brutes def. The Bloodline (The Usos, Solo Sikoa, and Sami Zayn)

In the second match, Zayn offered Owens a handshake at one point, only to then run away from him. You can watch how things unfolded in the video below:

Seth Rollins, Gunther, and several other superstars also wrestled at the live event in Rochester. You can check out the full results here.

Original idea behind Sami Zayn’s WWE storyline with Roman Reigns

Sami Zayn recently appeared on the Cheap Heat podcast and highlighted the origins of his involvement with The Bloodline. According to the 38-year-old, the idea was first discussed before WWE Survivor Series 2021.

Zayn did not initially think that he would become a full-time member of Roman Reigns’ faction:

“I wasn’t originally envisioning being a full-blown member of The Bloodline or anything like that — just something to where Roman and I can occasionally get on screen together in a light-hearted way, and I’m kind of giving him these reports of what’s going on and, ‘Here’s what you need to be careful for.’ Every once in a while, I get some things kicked my way too. That was sort of the idea,” said Zayn. [4:36 – 4:57]

The three-time Intercontinental Champion is on good terms with The Bloodline right now, despite his past issues with Jey Uso.


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