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44-year-old veteran could return to ring against Bobby Lashley for first singles match in 8 years, according to WWE Hall of Famer

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Dec 17, 2022

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray believes the altercation between Bobby Lashley and Adam Pearce on RAW could lead to a showdown between the two.

This week on the red brand, The All Mighty took on Seth Rollins in a #1 contenders match, The Visionary picked up the win after countering a Spear with a Pedigree. After the bout, Lashley got into an altercation with a couple of officials which led to Adam Pearce coming out to calm him. The former WWE Champion then pushed the official into a barricade which led to Pearce firing him.

Speaking about the segment on the Busted Open podcast, Bully Ray mentioned possible ways WWE can book the storyline between the two moving forward.

“Maybe Adam Pearce will come on TV next week and say, listen, you know, I jumped the gun a little bit. You know, cooler heads have prevailed. I thought about this all week, ‘Bobby, you’re not fired. But if this ever happens again, I am going to have to fire you.’ There’s a little way they can tie it up and move forward with it. A lot of people don’t know that Adam Pearce wrestled for a while. Adam Pierce is actually a former N.W.A World Heavyweight Champion. Who knows, maybe Adam Pearce is gonna put the boots on and have a match with Bobby Lashley. I don’t know.” [13:54 – 14:26]

Adam Pearce last wrestled in a singles match in 2014. He has mainly been an official figure in the Stamford-based promotion and has wrestled in two matches for the company.


Adam Pearce recently commented on his decision to fire Bobby Lashley on WWE RAW

Adam Pearce explained his actions in a video on Twitter after the show. The WWE Official noted that Bobby Lashley has put his hands on officials multiple times in the last few weeks and is therefore going to face the consequences. Pearce added that The All Mighty is not fired.

“Good afternoon. I’d like to address what happened last night to end Monday Night RAW between myself and Bobby Lashley,” Adam Pearce began. “First and foremost, despite what I said last night, Bobby Lashley is not fired. That said, Bobby has repeatedly crossed the line last night, physically accosting two referees and putting his hands on me. Not to mention spearing WWE Official Pete Williams last week. All of that behavior is unacceptable. All of it will be addressed, and it will have repercussions.”

It’ll be interesting to see what direction the company takes with Bobby Lashley moving forward. We can hope to get a clearer answer on the red brand next week.



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