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4 WWE tag teams Triple H could reunite in 2023

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Dec 21, 2022

The product has vastly improved since Triple H started running things in WWE. Slow and steady, as the saying goes, The Game has made significant changes, thus making a mark in only a few months time.

An area the Chief Content Officer needs to pay heed to is the tag team division. Some of the greatest matches in the history of the business were tag bouts. The first thing that comes to mind is Edge, Christian, The Hardys and The Dudleys, right? And why not? Those cats ruled the division at the time, transcending the ladder match experience. Their WrestleMania bouts are evergreen.

The Usos are the current Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions and are debatably the greatest team of all time. But they don’t have a plethora of teams that can stand as a legit challenge. Aside from The New Day, RK-Bro and Street Profits, The Usos have mostly been fighting thrown-together teams or those that lack oomph.

In light of a recent report, listed below are four WWE tag teams Triple H could reunite in 2023.

#4. Triple H could reunite DIY on the WWE main roster

The former NXT Tag Team Champions and friends-turned-bitter-rivals Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa were together dubbed #DIY. Reforming their partnership might be the best thing for both these immensely talented wrestlers.

Since their move to the main roster in 2022, neither man has done anything of note, and what is worse is that people don’t seem to care so much about them due to lukewarm booking.

Johnny Wrestling had a hero’s welcome when he returned while Ciampa played lackey to The Miz for much of the year before being sidelined due to injury.

#3. Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes

At Night of Champions in 2008, Cody Rhodes turned on his tag team partner Hardcore Holly and revealed himself to be the “mystery partner” of opponent Ted DiBiase Jr.

The two would become the new Tag Team Champions and would later align with Randy Orton to form The Legacy. The trio dominated Batista, Triple H, John Cena, and Shawn Michaels among others during their run.

In 2013, after suffering from depression and anxiety, DiBiase announced that he was not renewing his WWE contract, which expired on September 1. As of 2022, he has retired from professional wrestling.

Cody Rhodes, on the other hand, made a name for himself outside WWE and ultimately returned to the company this year.

Whilst Rhodes is on another level at this point in his career, a reunion with his former tag team partner might be something The American Nightmare would be open to. It all depends on the Million Dollar Man’s son and his wish to remain outside the spotlight.

Triple H could capitalize on Legacy’s rich history in 2023 for compelling television. Perhaps a renewed rivalry against The Viper would be the perfect time to reintroduce DiBiase to the wrestling world.

#2. Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre

Despite being a makeshift team, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre held tag team gold in 2010. This was during the time The American Nightmare had his “dashing” gimmick going on.

The duo only had a brief stint, however, as their alliance reached a screeching halt at Bragging Rights when John Cena decimated them to win the belts alongside fellow Nexus member David Otunga.

Cut to 2022: both men are at the top of their game, completely changed, and main event talents. Perhaps a reformation and subsequent quest for tag team gold will make for tough competition in the tag team division.

Honorable mentions: The Rhodes Brothers and Rated-RKO


The Rhodes Brothers had a great run in WWE in the 2010s, containing a feud-of-the-decade worthy storyline pitting Cody and Goldust against The Authority. The duo had to fight for their jobs, and subsequently dethroned The Shield’s Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to become tag champs.

Cody then had a phase in his career when he introduced the Stardust gimmick, aligning with his brother to once again taste championship gold.

Outside the promotion, the brothers collided in a violent and remarkable bout at AEW Double or Nothing 2019.

Apparently, Dustin Rhodes’ contract expires in July 2023, and the man behind Goldust has already announced that next year will be his last. The wrestling world online was recently seen going into a frenzy at the possibility of a return for the older brother at Royal Rumble next year.

A reunion with Cody Rhodes in some capacity would be fitting for Dustin Rhodes en route to riding off into the sunset.

When Edge returned in the 2020 Royal Rumble and surprised fans all over the world, the possibility of a reunion with Randy Orton was high. But the company opted for an immediate comeback feud for the Rated-R Superstar against The Viper.

Despite the pandemic largely affecting their WrestleMania bout, they had a legendary rivalry thanks to its deep and intense nature and a rematch that made up for the plodding Last Man Standing match.

They went their separate ways after a feud-ending match on RAW in January 2021. Since Edge announced earlier this year that the next would be his last in WWE, after which he will retire for good, these two need to reunite. Even if it’s only for one night against the likes of The Bloodline, Judgment Day, or whoever, it would be a service to fans.

#1 on our list of WWE tag teams Triple H could reunite in 2023: RK-Bro

Randy Orton was unexpectedly sidelined due to an injury earlier this year. He was last seen dropping the RAW Tag Team Championship in a title unification match against The Usos on the May 20 episode of SmackDown.

Despite concerning reports surrounding the nature of his injury, one can’t imagine WWE without The Viper. Whilst there may be no creative plans for him yet, he should be healthy and fit at some point down the line, hopefully as early as 2023.

Upon return, the initial plans were to have him go up against Riddle, which in effect would mean the disbandment of RK-Bro. WWE’s Chief Content Officer, however, may consider reuniting the duo as they remain popular despite the temporary hiatus. They made television great again and sold merchandise for the company.

A reunion for the unlikely partners would create a heartwarming moment, and subsequently another run should work owing to the fact that RK-Bro still has a lot that they can do together.

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