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Report on who will be pinned when John Cena & Kevin Owens wrestle Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn [Possible spoiler]

ByRD Media

Dec 19, 2022

John Cena and Kevin Owens are reportedly set to defeat Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn on the December 30 episode of WWE SmackDown.

On last night’s episode of SmackDown, WWE Legend John Cena appeared via satellite and made a huge announcement to a loud pop. Cena revealed that he would be teaming up with Kevin Owens in a tag team match against Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn on December 30.

Xero News is now reporting that John Cena and Owens would be going over Reigns and Zayn. They added that Zayn will be the one to take the pinfall in the much-awaited contest. The finish to the match is reportedly going to sow the seeds of Sami’s exit from The Bloodline.

Check out the tweet below:

“Zayn will be taking the pinfall on Dec 30th. This is expected to be the start of throwing Sami out.”

John Cena has never teamed up with Kevin Owens before

Cena and Kevin Owens will be teaming up for the first time in their careers on December 30. The two stars have shared the ring on various occasions in the past, and have always been on opposite ends. Earlier this year, Owens shared his honest thoughts on Cena and had massive praise for the former WWE Champion:

“The best advice he gave me was not the advice John gave me by voice, it’s seeing John set an example as a WWE Superstar”- Owens said. “For example, when I first started in the company and we were having matches, I told him how big a fan my son was of him. I eventually had the opportunity to bring Owen [Kevin’s son] to meet John, and John had a two-page handwritten letter for my son, which was incredible. To this day, it’s one of his most cherished possessions.”

As for Sami Zayn, he has been having the time of his life with The Bloodline lately. Sami’s association with the faction has been WWE’s biggest storyline for a while now. It will certainly be a big moment if/when The Bloodline kicks Zayn out of the group.


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