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[PHOTO] Enzo Amore appears unrecognizable after changing his look

ByRD Media

Dec 20, 2022

Enzo Amore is looking quite different in a new clip shared by Sirius XM Busted Open on Twitter.


He recently made news when he appeared on Busted Open and took a massive shot at AEW World Heavyweight Champion MJF. He said he would destroy the young gun on the mic if the duo crossed paths.




Busted Open shared a short clip of the conversation on its official Twitter handle. As can be seen below, Enzo Amore is now sporting a new look and looks quite different.

What exactly did Enzo Amore say about MJF?

Amore was one of the most controversial superstars in all of WWE back when he was a mainstay in the company. The former Cruiserweight Champion was quite an impressive talker, though.

Over the past three years or so, MJF has repeatedly proven that he is one of the best talkers in the business. Enzo had the following to say about a possible promo battle with the Salt of the Earth:

“Five minutes? Brutalize him. You give me five minutes on a live microphone, I’m trending number one in the world… If I show up on that screen, you’re getting the number one trend in the world, guaranteed, with or without MJF on the screen. I didn’t have to be there when Cass showed up, and he trended, and I trended number five on my fu**ing couch. It wasn’t Wardlow trending, it wasn’t Cass, it was Enzo trending,” said nZo.

MJF shared a tweet shortly after, possibly referring to Enzo’s comments about him. The AEW World Heavyweight Champion wrote that everyone wants to ride his wave because he’s the best.

A 10-minute promo battle between Enzo Amore and MJF would certainly make for must-watch TV. Enzo hasn’t done much of a note since he was let go by WWE years ago.


What are your thoughts on Enzo’s new look? Sound off in the comments below.






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