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WWE in 2023 – Preview and Predictions – Major superstar returns from injury; Roman Reigns loses Undisputed WWE Universal Championship to 38-year-old star

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Dec 21, 2022

WWE had a really big showing in 2022. Now it’s time for the promotion to move on to the next year, and 2023 is already looking like it will be a big year for everyone concerned.

In 2022, Roman Reigns held the Undisputed WWE Universal Title for the entire year yet again, fending off everyone who came at him. Charlotte Flair did not feature for most of the year, while Bray Wyatt made an enormous return.

With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at what can happen in the coming year of 2023.

#5. Charlotte Flair returns but can’t win a title

Charlotte Flair has not been wrestling in the company for a large part of 2022.

At WrestleMania Backlash, Charlotte Flair lost to Ronda Rousey in an I Quit match, where she broke her left arm. Since then, she has taken time off to get married to Andrade El Idolo. She has also stayed away from the company during this time.

In 2023, it will finally be time for her to return, but despite her comeback, there’s a chance that this will be one of the first years since her main roster run that she will not hold a title. With multiple other top women, it will be interesting to see Charlotte be the one to chase the title for once.


#4. Randy Orton’s injury return sees him reunite with Matt Riddle and get betrayed

Randy Orton’s injury and issues with his back has sidelined him from the ring for most of 2022. 2023 is supposed to be the year that he returns to the ring, and when he does, there’s a chance that he will be betrayed.

In Orton’s absence, Riddle has floundered and not really achieved the same level of success.

When Orton returns, he will likely want to reunite with his friend. However, while fans thought that it would be Orton who betrays Riddle ultimately, in this case, it might be the opposite. Riddle, unhappy with how things have gone for him, will likely betray The Viper and turn heel.

This could lead to a feud that might be the making of Matt Riddle.


#3. Roman Reigns loses Undisputed WWE Universal Championship to Sami Zayn

Roman Reigns has held the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship since he united the titles, but in reality, he has been champion for much longer than a year now. The seemingly indomitable star is approaching all sorts of records, but now might be the time for him to lose the title.

While Zayn has been a top star in The Bloodline for much of this year, he has struggled to establish himself there. At the moment, Kevin Owens is feuding with The Bloodline. If Roman Reigns and his men take a rather disproportionate revenge on him, there’s a chance that Zayn might not take it well.

This might lead to Zayn turning on Reigns when he least expects it. If that’s the case, then the star might be the perfect one to dethrone him.


#2. Bray Wyatt remains undefeated

Bray Wyatt may have returned to WWE, but he’s yet to wrestle in a match.

In a prediction, it might be safe to say that he won’t wrestle that much in the coming year as well. That might be the best thing for him, as he could remain undefeated if he picks and chooses his feuds.

For too long, a bad loss has messed up Wyatt’s characters and his momentum. This one has to be protected. Not losing a WWE match next year might be the best way to do so.


#1. Rhea Ripley becomes the champion

Rhea Ripley has had quite a year in WWE as part of Judgment Day. Through her partnership with Dominik, she has been part of some of the most popular angles of the year.

Given her popularity, it’s time for WWE to strap a rocket to her back and give her the push she deserves. If she wins the Royal Rumble, The Nightmare will have the chance to challenge for any title she wants.

This might be the best way to put the title on her and have the Era of Ripley set in.


What are your predictions for WWE in 2023? Let us know in the comments section below.



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