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63-year-old WWE legend says SmackDown is hard to watch with The Bloodline “having all the belts”

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Dec 22, 2022

On the latest edition of his podcast, WWE legend Kevin Nash shared his honest thoughts on The Bloodline.

Roman Reigns’ Bloodline faction has been ruling WWE TV for a while now. It’s safe to call it the most dominant and popular faction in all of WWE today. Not everyone’s a fan of the group, though.

On the latest edition of Kliq THIS, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash revealed that he was never a SmackDown guy and always preferred watching WWE RAW. Nash then shared his issue with The Bloodline:

“I’ve never been a SmackDown guy because it wasn’t really something that was around when I was there. I bet you, I maybe have been on SmackDown 30 times in my career. I was always a RAW guy, that’s my cup of tea. If I’m gonna watch something, I’m gonna watch RAW. I just don’t… with The Usos, and with Roman having all the belts, it’s like, I don’t know, it’s hard.” [2:02-2:46]

You can check out the video below:

The Bloodline currently holds four different titles

Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar to become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion at WrestleMania 38 earlier this year. No one has been able to defeat him for the belts yet. The Usos currently hold the RAW and SmackDown Tag Team titles and are one of the most successful tag teams in WWE history.

Bloodline member Sami Zayn recently spoke with Sports Illustrated and revealed what makes the faction successful:

“It’s hard to articulate it, but some of these moments might not sound right on paper. Maybe some people felt that way during the Johnny Knoxville match with the Jack*ss guys at WrestleMania, or in my acceptance with The Bloodline, but for me, it’s all about treating every moment with importance… And The Bloodline thing isn’t working just because of me. It’s everyone’s commitment to it. That’s what is making it so interesting and so enjoyable,” said Zayn.


Judging by the stable’s dominance lately, it’s hard to fathom anyone coming remotely close to putting it down in the near future. Only time will tell if someone on the WWE roster has it in them to topple the group.


What are your thoughts on Kevin Nash’s criticism of Reigns’ stable? Give your thoughts in the comment section below.

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