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5 Directions for Dominik Mysterio in 2023: Rhea Ripley’s bodyguard, the new Latino Heat of WWE

ByRD Media

Dec 22, 2022

Dominik Mysterio had a year for the ages in WWE in 2022. He betrayed his father to join Judgment Day and has not looked back since. Rhea and Dominik even attacked Rey Mysterio during Thanksgiving dinner in a heartless act.

Rhea swayed Dominik to the dark side and it may just be what his career needed. Dominik floundered in a tag team with his legendary father and has since completely stepped out of his shadow with a new presentation on the red brand.

Listed below are five possible directions for Dominik Mysterio next year in WWE.

#5. The new Latino Heat of WWE

Eddie Guerrero will forever be the one true Latino Heat in WWE. But Rhea and Dominik have had some fun riling up the WWE Universe by performing his signature taunts during matches.

Dominik has a long way to go to even come close to matching Eddie Guerrero’s in-ring skills. However, he has done a great job of annoying hardcore wrestling fans of late, which is something the late great Eddie Guerrero excelled in. Rhea Ripley even referred to Dominik as her Latino Heat on a recent edition of RAW Talk.

#4. Rhea Ripley’s bodyguard

Rhea Ripley showed off how talented she is this past Monday night by defeating Akira Tozawa in a singles match. Not only does The Nightmare strike fear into the women’s division of the red brand, she is now hurling around male superstars with ease.

Ripley’s future is incredibly bright in the company and she could use some backup. Dominik can continue to improve in the ring while serving as Rhea’s bodyguard in 2023. Dominik will have brighter days ahead, but Ripley is ready to be a megastar now.

#3. Leader of Judgment Day

Judgment Day was originally founded by Edge but the group turned their back on the Rated-R Superstar once Finn Balor joined. The group seems to operate without a leader at the moment, and perhaps Dominik could fill that role in 2023.

Balor, Priest, and Ripley routinely hype Dominik up during promos and could be preparing him for his destiny as the leader of Judgment Day for many years to come.

Dominik may not look like a leader at the moment, but it is amazing what a little confidence can do for a young superstar. Judgment Day has given Dominik all the support he needs and it will be interesting to see if he can capitalize on it next year.

#2. A singles champion

Dominik Mysterio is only 25-years-old and has his entire WWE career ahead of him. He may look to take the next step in 2023 and go after a singles championship. Austin Theory has held the United States Championship twice now and is the same age as Dominik.

Mysterio would make for an interesting challenger against Theory, as Rhea Ripley will likely be ringside. Austin may be better when it comes to his in-ring skills, but can he handle The Nightmare being ringside for a title match? Dominik has more than enough talent to capitalize if Theory were to become distracted for an instance during a title match.

#1. Dominik wrestles his father at WWE WrestleMania 39

Rey Mysterio was so heartbroken about his son joining Judgment Day that he attempted to quit WWE. Thankfully, Triple H talked him out of it and orchestrated a trade to send Rey to SmackDown in exchange for Baron Corbin and JBL.

Mysterio could decide that he needs to put his son in his place and challenge Dominik to a match at WrestleMania. Rey defeating his son may be the only way the WWE legend can get him back from Judgment Day.

However, if Dominik were to defeat his father, it would be a massive victory for the 25-year-old and could propel him to a big year in the company in 2023.

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