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Stephanie McMahon responsible for preventing multi-time WWE Champion from being fired – Reports

ByRD Media

Dec 23, 2022

Stephanie McMahon is the current WWE co-CEO along with Nick Khan. While she attained the official position this year after Vince McMahon stepped down, she has always held power in WWE. In fact, Stephanie was responsible for John Cena being saved from getting the sack and was instrumental in him turning into a major star for the company.

John Cena made his debut on SmackDown in 2002 when he faced Kurt Angle in his first match. Despite his debut being a major deal, his career did not take off until he started his Dr. of Thuganomics gimmick. After turning heel, he won the US Championship and went on to become the WWE Champion and one of the greatest superstars of all time.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that John Cena was on the verge of being released by WWE. However, it was Stephanie McMahon who heard him rapping off-camera and told Vince McMahon to push him as a major star.

”He was actually on the verge of being cut and his push was ended by Vince McMahon until Stephanie McMahon saw him rap off television and put in the word to go with him as a major star.” stated Dave Meltzer

Stephanie McMahon was responsible for John Cena getting a gimmick makeover

When Cena first debuted on the main roster, his gimmick was similar to his OVW avatar of being a strong man. He started with WWE in 2000 and was known as Prototype in UPW and OVW. He was allegedly considered a major prospect during his developmental days.

”At the time he used the name Prototype. In 2001, WWF moved him out of Southern California and UPW to OVW, its main developmental territory. During that period, because he was considered a major prospect because of both his look and his promo ability, he did frequent dark matches,” said Meltzer

John Cena’s initial run as a face was considered very underwhelming as he lacked charisma. Thanks to Stephanie McMahon spotting his rapping skills and promoting him, The Champ went on to become a 16-time world champion in WWE.

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