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“Rey went from hitting the 619 to hitting 911” – WWE fans react to Dominik Mysterio’s arrest with hilarious tweets

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Dec 26, 2022

The WWE Universe celebrated Dominik Mysterio’s arrest on Christmas Eve on Twitter, and some of the reactions were absolutely hilarious.

On Christmas Eve, Dominik and Rhea Ripley showed up at Rey Mysterio’s home with the intent to ruin the festival for him and his family. The duo had previously harassed Rey on Thanksgiving, and the latter wasn’t keen on letting them ruin his Christmas as well.

Rey called the police on Dominik. In a hilarious visual, a helpless Ripley watched as Dominik Mysterio was taken away in a police vehicle. The video immediately went viral on Twitter and received tons of amusing reactions from fans.

The WWE Universe had wanted to see Dominik get his comeuppance for a long time, and it finally happened on Christmas Eve.

Check out some of the best fan reactions to Dominik’s arrest:


Dominik Mysterio is now out of jail


Rhea Ripley wasn’t one bit happy over Dominik getting arrested. It seems like she put in some work towards getting the Judgment Day member out of jail, and her efforts have finally paid off.

Dominik has now shared an update revealing that he is out of jail. He also thanked The Eradicator in his tweet, as can be seen below:


Rhea Ripley has had the utmost admiration for Dominik ever since the duo aligned earlier this year. They have targeted a bunch of top WWE babyfaces over the past few months, most notably Rey Mysterio.

Shortly after Dominik’s heel turn at Clash at the Castle, Rey addressed the same in an interview with La Previa:

“You can already imagine, for those who are parents, what it feels like when a child turns their back on you. Betrayed. I feel totally betrayed. But a part of me understands that is not my son who is acting that way, but rather the manipulation by The Judgment Day and by a woman. And also those of us who have had problems with women understand that sometimes women will play a little on the dark side. And I don’t want to be misunderstood.”

Everyone has a breaking point, and Rey Mysterio had his on Christmas Eve. While there’s a part of Rey that isn’t thrilled with putting his son behind bars, the WWE Universe is having a blast with the recent events surrounding Dominik Mysterio.


What do you think? Did Dominik deserve jail time? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.





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