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Beloved stable to finally reform, major feud with Roman Reigns – 5 possible directions for WWE RAW’s Bobby Lashley in 2023

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Dec 28, 2022

WWE RAW’s Bobby Lashley had a strong 2022. He began the year in a big way by capturing the WWE Championship. While he only held the belt for a month, he’s one of only a handful of stars to be world champion this year.

In addition to winning a world title, The All-Mighty also won the United States Championship. He defeated Austin Theory to capture the title and went on to hold it for over three months.

His impressive year also saw him engaged in his dream rivalry with Brock Lesnar. The two athletes had two matches together throughout the year and are currently both sitting on one win and one loss each.

After a strong 2022, all eyes will be on Bobby to have an equally impressive 2023. As the new year approaches, fans are curious what many top stars on WWE RAW and SmackDown will do going forward. Will a major faction finally reform? Could he challenge for gold?

Below are five possible directions for WWE RAW’s Bobby Lashley in 2023.

#5. He could move to Friday Night SmackDown


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Bobby Lashley returned to WWE in 2018 after being away from the company for around a decade. The big man’s epic return came on the WWE RAW brand and he’s remained a regular on Monday Nights in the four and a half years since.

Surprisingly, Lashley is yet to be a full-time member of the Friday Night SmackDown roster since returning to World Wrestling Entertainment despite it being the brand he first debuted on in the 2000s. Could Bobby return “home” in 2023?

The blue brand is stacked with talent and there are numerous fresh feuds awaiting him on Friday nights. Lashley could feud with the likes of Gunther, Ricochet, Roman Reigns, Sheamus, LA Knight, Legado del Fantasma, and even Braun Strowman in 2023 if he moves to SmackDown.

#4. WWE RAW’s Bobby Lashley may tease retirement


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Many believe that Bobby Lashley has never been better. He looks amazing, he moves extremely well, and he regularly puts on fantastic matches. In many ways, Lashley is everything fans hope a powerhouse wrestler can be.

Despite how good The All-Mighty is, he’s still surprisingly 46 years old. While he looks incredible, time doesn’t stop for anybody and Bobby Lashley is no different. Even the physical specimen that is the former WWE Champion will have to hang up his boots eventually.

There’s a chance that 2023 may be the year Bobby either retires from pro wrestling or reveals his intention to do so. While fans would be extremely disappointed if it were to happen, his health would understandably come first. Let’s hope this direction isn’t taken, but it very well might.

#3. The Hurt Business could finally reform on WWE RAW

While the pandemic era of pro wrestling was difficult for a number of reasons, there were some stars who managed to excel in an era without an audience. Bayley, for example, was extremely entertaining. Sheamus put on banger afteer banger. And, of course, Bobby Lashley reached new heights during the era as well.

The big man didn’t do it alone, however. MVP joined his side and the duo soon recruited Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. They altogether became known as The Hurt Business. While the group didn’t last particularly long, fans loved them even while they were villains. The Hurt Business was just plain cool.

Fans have been begging for The Hurt Business to reform on WWE RAW and they may be getting their wish in 2023. Triple H is much more in touch with the needs and desires of fans and he certainly hears the outcry from both the audience and the talent. Plus, MVP did ask about talking to Adam Pearce in regards to Bobby Lashley recently, which may indicate a reunion is in the works.

#2. He could challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

The Big Dog is undoubtedly the top star in World Wrestling Entertainment. He has been a world champion for over 800 days and even undisputed the WWE and Universal titles at WrestleMania 38 earlier this year. He is the measuring stick of the company.

While Roman Reigns is technically a member of the Friday Night SmackDown roster, being the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion means he can freely appear on WWE RAW. This could be the perfect way for him and The All-Mighty to properly clash.

The pandemic era of WWE saw Bobby Lashley begin to dominate Monday Night RAW. For the past few years, fans have begged for a major rivalry between The All-Mighty and The Head Of The Table for a world title. This rivalry could finally happen come 2023.

#1. Lashley could form a tag team

Throughout Bobby Lashley’s career on WWE RAW and in the company as a whole, he’s won multiple championships. He’s a two-time WWE Champion, a two-time ECW Champion, a two-time Intercontinental Champion, and a three-time United States Champion.

Of The All-Mighty’s many accolades, he’s surprisingly never managed to win tag team gold while competing in World Wrestling Entertainment. 2023 could be the year where that finally changes.

The big man could team up with a former member of The Hurt Business such as Cedric Alexander or Shelton Benjamin to challenge The Usos for the tag team titles. His intense animosity with Seth Rollins could even lead to mutual respect and a tag team title run. Either way, don’t be surprised to see him finally take the next step in the new year.

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