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Top WWE SmackDown star mocked backstage for recent botch by New Day and the rest of the roster

ByRD Media

Dec 31, 2022

On the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, New Day members Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, team Maximum Male Models, Madcap Moss and Ricochet poked fun at WWE Superstar Top Dolla for his botch.

A few weeks ago, Hit Row unsuccessfully challenged for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship to dethrone The Usos after a 500-plus day run.

The match quickly devolved into chaos when Top Dolla attempted a dive to the outside, which he completely botched and became entangled in the ropes. The 32-year-old explained that while attempting to jump from the top rope, one of his legs gave out, causing his technique to fail.

However, the WWE roster made Dolla’s failed jump his worst nightmare. During the segment, New Day first mocked the Hit Row member by bringing in a broomstick and asking if Dolla could hop over it.

Even one-half of team Maximum Male Models took a shot at AJ Francis, aka Top Dolla, referring to “not jumping to the conclusion” as Hit Row explained why they lost to The Usos.

SmackDown star Madcap Moss ridiculed the 32-year-old by replacing “Top Dolla” with “Flop Dolla.”

However, AJ Francis did not take kindly when former Intercontinental Champion Ricochet poked fun at him, and he responded by shoving The One and Only. He asked the star, “do I look like a punch line to you?”

Following the altercation, WWE announced that Ricochet would face Top Dolla in a Men’s Royal Rumble Qualifying Match next Friday.


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