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WWE News Roundup: Major star seemingly confirms exit from the company, Roman Reigns’ 3-year streak ends, 36-year-old star interested to return after 8 years

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Jan 2, 2023

A very Happy New Year to all the readers, and welcome to the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s daily News Roundup, where we look at some of the latest top news stories from WWE.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns’ massive streak has come to an end after over 3 years. A major star has seemingly confirmed exit from the company amid rumors of signing with other promotions. Additionally, former star Ricardo Rodriguez has shown interest in returning under Triple H’s regime after over 8 years.

Let’s dive straight into the daily News Roundup. Be sure to comment down and let us know your thoughts and reactions on the same.

#4. 36-year-old star interested in potential WWE return after more than 8 years

2022 was filled with several significant returns to the company under Triple H. Former WWE star Ricardo Rodriguez replied to a fan on Twitter stating that while he’s not working with the Stamford-based promotion right now, he would be interested in a possible comeback if he gets a chance.

“That’s news to me but I’d be definitely interested in that possibility if it presented itself,” Ricardo tweeted.

Debuting on SmackDown in 2010, Ricardo Rodriguez is best known for his alliance with former world champion Alberto Del Rio and for being his personal ring announcer.

He also worked briefly with Rob Van Dam on-screen before getting released from the company in July 2014. In 2021, Rodriguez worked as a Spanish commentator for All Elite Wrestling.

#3. Roman Reigns’ massive 3-year-old streak comes to an end

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns teamed up with Sami Zayn on the latest episode of SmackDown to take on Kevin Owens and the returning John Cena.

The match main evented the show and ended with Cena and KO hitting a double “5-knuckle shuffle” on both The Tribal Chief and The Honorary Uce, following up with their finishers and KO pinning Zayn to win the match.

This resulted in Roman Reigns’ massive 3-year-old streak ending, as this was his first televised loss via a pinfall or submission. He last lost a match decisively against Baron Corbin in December 2019. Since returning as a heel and debuting The Tribal Chief character, Reigns had only taken 3 televised DQ losses before this.

It would be interesting to see how he reacts to this in the upcoming episode of Friday Night Show and if Sami Zayn would again become the victim and be blamed.

#2. Shinsuke Nakamura defeats legendary star in a non-WWE show

Former Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura wrestled in a rare non-WWE show last night in a special one-off match against The Great Muta. The match took place at Pro Wrestling NOAH’s The New Year event and saw Nakamura pick up the victory over the 59-year-old legendary Japanese star.

After the match, Nakamura thanked the legend, expressed his gratitude towards him, and called him his idol as the two celebrated in the ring. With Nakamura being in Japan for this match, there were speculations about whether he could also appear in the upcoming NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17.

In the post-match press conference, Nakamura commented on the same, saying that he hasn’t been approached for it and has no plans to attend the show.

“No, I don’t plan to [attend NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17]; I haven’t been approached about it, unfortunately (laughs),” Nakamura said.

Fans were extremely impressed with Nakamura’s match against The Great Muta, and Twitter was full of comments requesting Triple H to use the Japanese star in a better way on the main roster.

#1. Former champion seemingly confirms her exit from the company

Sasha Banks has seemingly confirmed her exit from the company. The Legit Boss has been out of action since her controversial walkout from WWE RAW in May 2022 alongside Naomi.

When Triple H took over as the Head of Creative, fans were hopeful of seeing Sasha Banks back. However, that has happened for months now. Banks’ latest post has now convinced fans that she is indeed done with the company.

The Boss is rumored to appear at the upcoming NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17 show on January 4, 2023. On top of that, she is also rumored to be the mystery partner of Saraya (fka Paige in WWE) in her tag team match against Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker on the 11th January episode of AEW Dynamite.

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