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5 WWE Superstars who drastically changed their look after release

ByRD Media

Jan 4, 2023

One of the factors for WWE superstars to remain relevant within the promotion and leave a lasting impression on fans is the way they look. Most of these talented sports entertainers have switched styles over the years. When they felt a certain look got the reaction they were seeking from fans, they stuck with it and the rest was history.

Unfortunately, some of these superstars have parted ways with WWE, leaving behind whatever persona they were previously known for. Some of them have achieved new-found success in rival promotions and fields other than pro-wrestling. Then there were those who reinvented themselves while they were away and are now rockstar famous upon their return.

Check out five current and former WWE superstars who overhauled their look.

#5. No Way Jose/Levy Valenz

Former WWE Superstar No Way Jose was best known for his upbeat entrance music alongside a conga line. He brought in the gimmick during his RAW debut back in 2018 as most of the WWE crowd stood up and danced to his entrance theme. He even went on to win his first-ever main roster match against John Skyler.

Needless to say, No Way Jose’s look at the time was unmistakable – going toe-to-toe inside the ring donning an Afro hairdo and beard. However, Jose got rid of these by the time he was released from WWE in April 2020.

He went as far as shaving off his beard and straightening his hair. However, he brought back his previous look when he entered IMPACT Wrestling after having a hard time getting booked.

Jose has only had three matches this year. The most recent was during an AEW Dark episode back in August.

#4. Aleister Black/Malakai Black


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Aleister Black is another former WWE Superstar who also went on to change his look to complement his dark and seemingly otherworldly persona.

He was supposed to have a feud with Big E after coming off a six-month hiatus in 2021. Sadly, this never happened as WWE decided to release him just a couple of weeks after his in-ring return.

In July of the same year, he joined rival promotion AEW as Malakai Black and immediately made a statement by launching an attack on both Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson. What was noticeable on his debut was his look. He had black paint around his right eye and along the top of his beard and this has been his signature look since.

It is believed the former WWE Superstar had pitched this gimmick during his stay in WWE. However, it was turned down by the higher-ups.

#3. Rusev/Miro


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Rusev’s feud with WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley in 2020 was the final storyline he was involved in while still signed with WWE. Due to budget cuts at the height of the pandemic, the former WWE Superstar was future endeavored and released from his contract.

Prior to his release, Rusev was usually seen sporting decently lengthened hair and a larger build. He made a complete 180 when he debuted in AEW in September of the same year.

To the crowd’s surprise, he went out with dyed shorter hair and a leaner physique. As for his in-ring performance, the level of intensity never waned.

#2. WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre

For those not in the know, WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre debuted in the promotion 15 years ago. In his first-ever match on SmackDown, he donned a kilt and a pair of trunks emblazoned with the Scottish flag. Additionally, his build didn’t have much muscle mass back then until his release in 2014.

He would delve into different promotions under the Galloway moniker. During his post-WWE run, there were noticeable changes in his appearance and this appealed to the fans. He adopted a grungier look with a beard, all paired with a buffed-up physique.

When he returned to WWE, he was given a substantial push and was involved in numerous storylines, feuds, and alliances. At WrestleMania 36, he won the WWE Championship against The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar.

#1. Tyler Reks/Gabbi Tuft

Former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks now prefers to be called Gabbi Tuft. Back when she was still with the company, she had an awesome look with menacing dreadlocks and an amazing build. However, this was not enough for her to stand out since the main roster at the time was already crowded with other WWE superstars.

She asked for her release in 2012 as she planned on spending more quality time with her family. In 2021, she came out as transwoman carrying the above-mentioned name. She even has a YouTube channel and vlogs about her journey as a transwoman.

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