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“A freaking joke” – Veteran unhappy with WWE’s rumored Royal Rumble opponent for Roman Reigns (Exclusive)

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Jan 4, 2023

With Royal Rumble just around the corner, there is a lot of attention on WWE’s potential plans for Roman Reigns. Rumor has it that Reigns will face Kevin Owens at the show, which explains KO’s recent booking. However, Vince Russo has admitted that he isn’t too keen on watching the possible bout.

While Reigns wasn’t present on the latest RAW episode, his Bloodline tried to dominate the proceedings as they created a lot of chaos to kick off the show. Kevin Owens interrupted the Samoan faction, leading to Adam Pearce announcing a huge tag team match for the evening.

Owens teamed up with Street Profits to take on The Bloodline, and the babyfaces, unfortunately, fell short against the most prominent heel group in professional wrestling. Vince Russo argued that if the promotion wanted Owens to face Reigns at Royal Rumble, he should not have been on the losing end this week.

The Prizefighter needs to look strong heading into the proposed Undisputed Universal Championship match against Reigns, and Russo felt that WWE was failing in that particular department.

Here’s what Vince Russo explained on Sportskeeda’s Legion of RAW:

“Doesn’t it make sense to you, bro? If they did SmackDown, they did exactly how you said. We’re going to give Owens the rub with Cena, and we’re going to get Owens over and then, you know, and please, bro, Owens, and Reigns is a freaking joke, bro, if that’s where they are going. But if that is where they are going, you wouldn’t give Owens another victory here?” [29:20 – 30:00]

“Are they intentionally sinking RAW, bro?” – Former WWE writer Vince Russo

Vince Russo secretly worked as a consultant for USA Network for almost two years and was aware of WWE’s relationship with their TV partners. As revealed in December, Russo claimed that Triple H might be ‘purposely tanking’ Monday Night RAW as WWE waits to get out of its deal with the renowned network.

Russo believed the company was preparing for a significant change and deliberately putting forth substandard shows weekly. The most recent edition of RAW further convinced Vince Russo that the new management might be “intentionally sinking” one of the longest-running episodic programs on television.

The company’s creative handling of Kevin Owens also didn’t make much sense to Russo, as he added below:

“That’s why I say things like, ‘Are they intentionally sinking RAW, bro?’ That’s why I keep bringing that up. If they are trying to build Kevin Owens, what sense does this make, bro?” [30:15 onwards]

Is Owens vs. Roman Reigns WWE’s best option for Royal Rumble 2023? Sound off in the comments section below.

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