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Former champion reveals what Vince McMahon’s “final play” would be if he makes a stunning WWE comeback (Exclusive)

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Jan 4, 2023

One of the biggest rumors heading into WrestleMania 39 has been regarding Vince McMahon’s desire to return. This speculation was the topic of discussion on the latest Wrestling Outlaws episode as EC3 explained what Vince McMahon might do after returning to WWE.

The Wall Street Journal recently revealed that Vince McMahon wishes to return to his former WWE role as he feels he was given bad advice about retiring in June last year.

As per the WSJ report, McMahon believes that all the heat regarding the sexual misconduct charges against him could have blown over, and he would have continued to be the company’s Chairman and CEO.

While people within the company aren’t in favor of Vince McMahon’s reported comeback, stopping him from returning would be challenging as he still owns the most voting power. Vince McMahon helped transform WWE into a billion-dollar organization, and as noted earlier, EC3 felt the former boss could do anything with what he’d built without being questioned.

Carter felt that if Vince were to return, his “final play” would be to ultimately destroy the WWE empire that is seemingly on a much better track under Triple H’s leadership.

Here’s EC3’s huge claim, as revealed on The Wrestling Outlaws:

“I think that Vince’s final play is he just wants to play the fiddle while the empire burns, you know what I mean? Let it go; blow it up!” [2:39 – 2:48]

EC3 understands why Vince McMahon is eyeing an unlikely WWE return

Vince McMahon spent an astonishing 50+ years at the helm of WWE. During his lengthy tenure, the 77-year-old made several decisions that changed the course of the pro wrestling business and made it a highly profitable business.

McMahon devoted his entire life to wrestling, and as revealed by most of his close aides, he didn’t have any other prominent hobbies outside of his corporate responsibilities. EC3 also stated that McMahon had gotten used to being a ‘god’ in the wrestling world.

While McMahon made a lot of money, EC3 further stated that the controversial personality had also made a career out of manipulating people, which included fans and talents. Carter realized it would be tough for anyone to let off such unimaginable power, as he added below:

“I mean when you have played god for so long, and that power gets taken from you, and that’s the only thing that probably keeps him going, keeps him ticking like, making billions of dollars are fun, making business deals are fun. But I mean, the ability to manipulate the emotions of the crowd responses and have a playpen full of real-life action figures and, you know, just the ability to create these people as characters and also, kind of destroy them as real humans too. Like, it’s the ultimate power.” [From 2:03 onwards]


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