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Which WWE video got the most views in 2022?

ByRD Media

Jan 6, 2023

WWE had an exciting past year which took off when their management changed, and a lot of notable people were put in high positions. It’s no wonder that in 2022, some of its most-watched content involved returns and other memorable feuds.

The Stamford-based promotion kicked off its previous year by crowning Brock Lesnar as the WWE Champion, ending the first month with multiple surprise returns and appearances at the Royal Rumble event.

Roman Reigns and The Beast Incarnate had their memorable feud for the undisputed WWE Universal Championship, which saw Reigns take home both belts in their matches at WrestleMania 38 and SummerSlam. Due to the impact and surprises of both events, it’s no wonder why the most viewed videos of the company were from them,

WWE’s most viewed YouTube video in 2022 was Brock Lesnar’s return on SmackDown’s June 17 episode after Roman had just defeated Matt Riddle to retain his Undisputed title, the moment gained 7.2 million.

However, WWE’s most viewed video on Twitter came from the return and formation of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky as Damage CTRL on SummerSlam, right after Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch’s impressive match. Still, it looks like the 2.7 million views were not enough for The Role Model.

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns dominate the top 5 most viewed videos on WWE’s official YouTube channel

As mentioned above, the Beast’s return to the blue brand leading up to SummerSlam was the most-watched video on the company’s YouTube channel in 2022. But that’s not the only appearance both men have had on this list.

The third most viewed on the list was the face-off between Roman and Brock on an episode of SmackDown on January 7, gaining 6.5 million views. The fourth place also belongs to them, which was Reigns’ attack on his rival at MSG, garnering 6.4 million views.

Surprisingly at number two was Veer Mahaan’s face-off with a local challenger on the May 2 episode of Monday Night RAW, which gained 7.2 million views. Some fans were shocked as it beat Cody Rhodes’ WrestleMania return, which was only at 5.8 million at number five.

From the looks of it, Roman Reigns’ position as the top superstar and champion in the Stamford-based promotion is truly hard to deny, especially with how many fans he draws in for the product.

It remains to be seen if, for this year, he will continue to be included in the most-viewed moments or if some other superstar will beat him to it.

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