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Triple H holds talent meeting to address concerns over WWE creative ahead of SmackDown – Reports

ByRD Media

Jan 14, 2023

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H reportedly conducted a talent meeting ahead of tonight’s edition of SmackDown.

Vince McMahon recently returned to the company after departing in July due to misconduct allegations. The former CEO was elected as Executive Chairman of the Board. This saw the departure of Stephanie McMahon, who served as the Co-CEO and Chairwoman. The Game currently remains in control of the promotion’s creative and assured talent that nothing is going to change.

According to a new report from Fightful Select, Triple H held a talent meeting ahead of tonight’s edition of the blue brand in an effort to alleviate some of the concerns WWE Superstars have had regarding McMahon’s return and the potential sale of the company.

Some wrestlers are concerned with their futures in terms of creative now that the former CEO has returned. Triple H said that the 77-year-old is only back to help with a potential sale and is not a part of the creative process.

The report noted that Triple H tried to dispel rumors of a sale being completed and said that it would take much longer to accomplish if it were to happen. The Game reportedly stated that Vince McMahon had given him the final say regarding the promotion’s creative but added that it could change in the future.

Former WWE writer criticizes Triple H for not staying in his lane

Wrestling veteran and former head WWE writer Vince Russo recently criticized Triple H for not staying in his lane.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Writing with Russo, the 61-year-old suggested that The Game was trying to do too much in an effort to gain more power in the company.

“I’m a big advocate of staying in your lane. You know what you do best. You know what your strengths are, you know what your weaknesses are. If everyone stayed in their lane, you’d have a very successful company. But what you have is people crossing over lanes because more hats, more positions means more money means more power. Bro, we are all not good at everything, bro,” said Vince Russo. [03:01 – 03:36]

You can check out the entire episode of Writing with Russo here:

WWE underwent many changes in 2022, and it appears that fans are in store for even more changes this year. Time will tell if Triple H will remain at the helm of the creative process in the company.


Do you prefer Triple H’s vision for WWE, or do you want to see Vince McMahon take over creative once again? Sound off in the comments section below.



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