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When Becky Lynch unfollowed real-life rival on Instagram

ByRD Media

Jan 15, 2023

Becky Lynch seemingly had had enough of Nia Jax in early 2022 and ended up unfollowing her on Instagram.

Nia Jax was let go by WWE in 2021. Jax will go down as one of the most controversial stars in recent history. She stayed in the limelight for all the wrong reasons after her WWE release as well. She shared a bunch of anti-vaccine posts on her Instagram story in early 2022 and received massive backlash soon after.

Some fans found out shortly after that Becky Lynch had unfollowed Jax on Instagram. The Man seemingly couldn’t handle more of Jax’s anti-vaccine posts and decided to unfollow her on the social media app.

Nia Jax doesn’t like Becky Lynch in real life if her past comments are any indication

Nia Jax has taken shots at The Man on various occasions in the past. While answering fan questions on Instagram once, Jax bluntly stated that Lynch doesn’t have a good friendship with anyone.

Back in 2019, Lynch took a massive shot at Nia on Twitter and compared her to a toilet. This left Jax enraged and she didn’t hold back one bit while responding to Lynch.

“B*tch, go back to tanking ratings and making your two ‘belts’ completely irrelevant,” wrote Jax in a response to the Lynch toilet-scrubbing tweet quoted above. “While you’re at it, have [Lacey Evans] teach you how to take a proper shower, you moldy cabbage smelling ginger.”

Back in 2018, The SmackDown women’s division invaded the RAW women’s division six days before Survivor Series. Jax punched and legitimately broke Becky Lynch’s nose and gave her a concussion during the brawl. As a result, The Man could not face Ronda Rousey at the pay-per-view.

Judging by their troubled past, it’s safe to assume that Jax and Lynch won’t be settling their differences anytime soon. Jax is seemingly done with pro-wrestling now that she is no longer a WWE Superstar. Lynch, on the other hand, is still one of the biggest names in all of WWE and is a beloved figure among fans.


Were you surprised by Lynch unfollowing Nia Jax on Instagram?



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