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Former WWE figure responds to fans telling her that she spoiled Cody Rhodes’ return on Twitter

ByRD Media

Jan 16, 2023

Cody Rhodes is on the road to recovery. Some reports have suggested that he has been cleared for a while now and that WWE is simply waiting for the right moment for his comeback. His wife, Brandi Rhodes, had to clarify that she didn’t spoil his return.

Brandi Rhodes, a former WWE figure and personality, tweeted that she was excited for the upcoming week. For some reason, fans instantly assumed that this was about her husband Cody Rhodes’ return.

Brandi Rhodes had to put up a follow-up tweet responding that her original post was about herself and not her husband:

She has also made cameos on RAW when talking about her husband’s road to recovery. WWE has been regularly reminding fans that The American Nightmare’s return is inevitable.


Did WWE give away Cody Rhodes’ return with the Royal Rumble poster?

It’s interesting that WWE put Cody Rhodes on the Royal Rumble poster. This might be indicative that his return to the Stamford-based promotion will be at the Rumble, and it could even be announced beforehand.

One thing is for sure – a surprise return won’t be as big a surprise, although it will get a great reaction regardless. Perhaps WWE could announce his comeback beforehand to hype up the Men’s Royal Rumble match and the Premium Live Event as a whole.

What was also notable on the poster was how “electrifying” it was – with many speculating that it is foreshadowing the return of The Rock. Should The Brahma Bull return, it’s unclear what WWE’s plans are for Cody at WrestleMania.

He is rumored to be a backup opponent to Roman Reigns. But with the Undisputed Tag Team Titles being separated recently and a tease of the Undisputed Universal Title being separated, could The American Nightmare finally get his shot at the gold?


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