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Vince McMahon is reportedly already breaking a promise he made upon WWE return 

ByRD Media

Jan 16, 2023

Vince McMahon is making a move that will surprise nobody. It was fully expected of him, but it’s all happening a lot sooner than expected. The original goal of McMahon’s return to WWE was to initiate and explore the possibility of a sale – not to be directly involved and make changes. He is reportedly already breaking the promise that he made.

A lot has happened in the McMahon return saga. What was supposed to be a retirement turned out to be a few months of vacation as he used his majority shareholder position to force himself back into power. He is now the Executive Chairman of WWE, with Stephanie McMahon stepping down as the co-CEO.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon is already backtracking on the promise he made of not having any involvement apart from the sale of WWE. According to WON, he is already back in his office suggesting changes.

To add to that, he has rehired some old staff, such as Brad Blum – his chief of staff.


The confusing message sent to employees and talent upon Vince McMahon’s return

WWE staff reportedly had a meeting where they were told that things would be business as usual. The narrative seemed to be that Vince McMahon’s return won’t affect anything – most certainly not Triple H’s position as the head of creative.

However, only days after that, Stephanie McMahon resigned as the co-CEO of WWE. Triple H reportedly held a backstage meeting to pass on the same message – business as usual.

However, most people seem to be in the mindset that everything good that WWE did in the last five months will be undone. This is perhaps why it came as no surprise that McMahon has already begun to suggest numerous changes.

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