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Backstage news on if Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are looking to start a promotion outside of WWE

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Jan 16, 2023

Vince McMahon’s shocking return to WWE has caused many fans to speculate about the future of the company and whether there will be more changes in the months to come.

His unanimous election as Executive Chairman of the Board prompted his daughter, former co-CEO Stephanie McMahon, to resign. Nick Khan has been named the company’s lone CEO and Triple H currently remains in his position as WWE’s Chief Content Officer.

Rumors swirled about WWE possibly being sold to the Saudi Arabia Public Investment fund, but those were shot down in an exclusive report. Fans are now wondering if Triple H and Stephanie McMahon could consider launching their own promotion if the situation with Vince McMahon has become untenable.

A wrestling fan asked PW Insider’s Dave Scherer if there was any chance of Stephanie starting her own company to purchase her father’s stocks. Scherer didn’t think that was likely, but noted that she and Triple H could try to pitch a new promotion to NBC Universal if Vince does sell WWE to the Saudi PIF:

“I would say no chance in hell, because well you know, but I try not to speak in absolutes. Whatever the longest of longshots is, that is the answer here. With that said, if Vince really does the most heinous thing I can think of and sell to the Saudis, which would make the company a leper here in the US, I could definitely see Steph and HHH going to NBC Universal and pitch starting a company for them.” H/T: PWInsider

Former WWE writer suggests Triple H and Stephanie were working for Vince McMahon all along

Wrestling veteran Vince Russo recently suggested that Stephanie, Triple H, and Nick Khan were all working for Vince McMahon following his resignation from the company.

In July, the 77-year-old stepped away from the company due to alleged misconduct with former female employees. He then returned as the company began gearing up for WrestleMania and their upcoming media rights negotiations.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s The Wrestling Outlaws show, Russo pointed out that McMahon was unanimously voted back into a position of power. He added that Stephanie, Triple H, and Nick Khan may have been working for Mr. McMahon all along:

“Bro, they said the vote was unanimous! Triple H, Nick Khan, and Stephanie are on the board! They had to be part of that unanimous board. So either this was a Stephanie, Khan, and Triple H powerplay, or they were on the inside working for Vince,” said Russo. (4:14 – 4:43)

You can check out the entire episode of The Wrestling Outlaws here:

WWE is set for a newsorthy year in 2023. The company is hosting WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles, with several big names rumored to be returning for the massive premium live event.

It will be interesting to see if Vince attempts to maximize the value of WWE with star power before entering negotiations for media rights and a potential sale of the company.

Would you like to see Stephanie McMahon and Triple H start their own wrestling promotion if WWE is sold? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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